After the Pandemic, Higher Education Can’t Afford to Go Back to ‘Normal’


To further complicate matters, statisticians have long warned of the pending “ 2025 cliff ,” which represents the abrupt reduction of potential first-time, full-time freshmen projected to arrive in 2025 to 2026 due to the drop in birth rates between the years 2008 and 2011.

5 Years Since Starbucks Offered to Help Baristas Attend College, How Many Have Graduated?


Yet in May, Humberstone crossed the commencement stage at ASU, becoming one of nearly 3,000 Starbucks employees who have earned bachelor’s degrees online through the company-university partnership program. “It In a tight labor market, many companies struggle to attract and retain workers.

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Unlocking stackable global credentials

The Christensen Institute

Current projections are that by 2025 there will be 263 million students providing 163 percent growth in 25 years: a rate that dwarfs the growth over the previous nine centuries.

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As jobs grow hard to fill, businesses join the drive to push rural residents toward college

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With worker shortages hitting industries nationwide, their companies — and many states’ economies — depend on it. “No Bradley County’s rolling landscape is dotted with examples of the new economy.

DigiExam and the Future of Assessment

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And – as the company themselves boast – the platform has value for those concerned about sustainability. When evaluating DigiExam’s submission, these figures were impressive, but DigiExam is a strong example of another key Reimagine Education criterion: scalability.

What's That Liberal Art Degree Worth?


Come join us for an evening of informal networking, panels with hiring companies, and some light bites. Fill out this form and we'll get your information in front of attending companies. In his book, Anders describes how software companies are increasingly creating a need for people with a “modicum of technical literacy,” people who can translate data, show a bigger picture result from snippets of information and basically get people on the same page. Sure, coding is cool.

After decades of pushing bachelor’s degrees, U.S. needs more tradespeople

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At California Steel Industries, where Esparza was learning industrial computing, some supervisors without college degrees make as much as $120,000 per year and electricians also can make six figures, company officials said. Skilled trades show among the highest potential among job categories, the economic-modeling company Emsi calculates. While that kind of cooperation has been rare, Chaffey College’s InTech Center is an example of how it could work. FONTANA, Calif. —

GED and other high school equivalency degrees drop by more than 40% nationwide since 2012

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Related: College students predicted to fall by more than 15% after the year 2025. For example, in New York State, the primary funding source for adult education is the Employment Preparation Education program. which administers the TASC, are for-profit companies.

With Unfilled Jobs, Businesses Push Rural Residents Toward College


With worker shortages hitting industries nationwide, their companies — and many states’ economies — depend on it. In Colorado, one of the state’s top higher education priorities is to boost the proportion of adults with degrees from 55 to 66 percent by 2025.

Deal with online giant threatens Pennsylvania colleges, Moody’s warns

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Arizona State is entering into agreements with many companies, such as Starbucks, which is another way that online giants are steering students away from traditional public colleges. For example, a basic English class at Harrisburg Area Community College, “Fundamentals of College Writing I,” doesn’t transfer to Lock Haven University, a public four-year college in Pennsylvania.

Colleges are using big data to track students in an effort to boost graduation rates, but it comes at a cost

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Companies like Amazon and Netflix have been using data tools like these for years to track our clicks and steer us to buy or watch more of their products. James Wiley is a technology analyst with Eduventures, which does consulting work for companies in the predictive analytics industry.

Mayors and Schools: A Tale of Two Mayors in San Francisco

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Examples include getting municipal transit passes for youth in summer jobs and negotiating a complex land swap that allowed the city to develop affordable housing on land formerly owned by the district.

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Why the Boldest Ideas in Education Come From Underrepresented Entrepreneurs


The organization’s first major goal: to triple the number of Black male educators to 1,000 by 2025 in Philadelphia, where only 4 percent of teachers are Black men (yet nearly half of the student body is Black). His company aims to improve literacy through “contemporary grammar integration,” an approach that evaluates contemporary languages—including music lyrics or social media texts—and connects that to classroom curriculum and literature including novels, speeches, essays or poems.

Why a Robot-Filled Education Future May Not Be as Scary as You Think


We freeze up when we hear statistics that project that by 2025, 50 percent of an undergraduate degree will become obsolete. As a discrete example, think about our growing gig economy. It may be hard to imagine, but soon enough, major companies and organizations will soon house large networks of people but few employees. One striking example that the folks at SU mentioned was the work on gene editing that our laws in the U.S.

ASU’s Starbucks Deal Was Just the Beginning


Starbucks did it for a much more interesting reason, which is, Starbucks wants to be an exemplar of what a 21st-century company can be. Starbucks’ goal is to have 25,000 students graduate from this program by 2025. The reason it wouldn’t work at Starbucks, for example, is they’ve got 7,000 stores.

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The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Issue a Press Release

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The very next day, Apple shares hit $97.80, an all-time high for the company. By 2012 – yes, thanks to its hardware business – Apple’s stock had risen to the point that the company was worth a record-breaking $624 billion. Virtual worlds in 2007, for example.

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Stanford Experiments with Virtual Reality, Social-Emotional Learning and Oculus Rift

Edsurge provides the example practicing starting conversations with friends by roleplaying with parents: “Your child could compliment you, comment on the activity you’re involved in or ask a question about a common interest.” Why are edtech companies and teachers interested? recent Goldman Sachs report on the VR industry predicts that the market will be worth $45 billion in hardware sales and $35 billion in software sales by 2025. Fast Company.

Colleges are adding programs in a once-decimated industry — manufacturing

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million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled by 2025. But the strong economy, and the return of manufacturing operations to the United States as labor costs rise abroad , have led some companies to add jobs. million by 2025 — is contributing to that gap.

Meet The Gates Foundation’s New Deputy Director in Higher Education


She began a long career in education, which included cofounding two social enterprise organizations (one of which helped get 4,000 women off welfare), serving as a Commissioner of San Francisco Unified School District’s Board of Education and starting two edtech companies. Hiles raised $12 million between 2011 and 2015 for her company, Pathbrite, which she sold to Cengage Learning in October 2015. Heather Hiles towers above most other edtech entrepreneurs. Truly.

The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

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That being said, if you’re using a piece of technology that’s free, it’s likely that your personal data is being sold to advertisers or at the very least hoarded as a potential asset (and used, for example, to develop some sort of feature or algorithm). billion by 2025.

Hack Education Weekly News

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“ Alibaba’s Jack Ma , China ’s Richest Man, to Retire From Company He Co-Founded,” The New York Times reports. The textbook company has raised $6 million total. OK, this isn’t necessarily ed-tech related, but as WeWork is attempting to be in the education business (with its acquisition of the Flatiron School, for example) perhaps we will see if and how the real-estate-company-disguised-as-a-co-working-space pivots to software sales.


Education Technology and the 'New Economy'

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” Note the significant difference in language in this headline from The Verge , for example – “ Harvard’s Root robot teaches kids how to code ” – and the way in which Seymour would describe the LOGO Turtle – that students would using programming to teach the robot. Some cities and states are considering making computer science compulsory – in Chicago , Virginia , Queensland , for example.

Education Technology and the History of the Future of Credentialing

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“Conflicts of interest” persist, needless to say, and there are multiple think-tanks and companies eager to have a role in deciding “who counts” as an accreditor and “what counts” as a “real” post-secondary education. It should perhaps make us question what’s going on with all those Silicon Valley companies who are actively peddling their alternative credentials as a substitute for a college degree.