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TCEA 2024: Planning and Administrator Support Are Necessary to Sustain Devices

EdTech Magazine

The funding cliff is looming over K–12 school districts this year. The last bucket of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief funding expires in September. For some schools, this means scrambling to find ways to sustain the technology they purchased during the pandemic. To support learning, K–12 decision-makers bought everything from classroom displays to one-to-one student devices using ESSER funds.

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Why You Should Teach Your Students About Learner Variability

Digital Promise

The post Why You Should Teach Your Students About Learner Variability appeared first on Digital Promise.


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Securly Acquires Edficiency to Personalize K-12 Scheduling


Securly, a leading provider of K-12 solutions for school safety and wellness, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Edficiency, an innovative flex scheduling solution. Effective as of February 1st, 2024, the acquisition reinforces Securly’s commitment to keeping K-12 students safe, secure, and ready to learn by enhancing personalized learning opportunities.

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Teaching Fellows Guide Educators in Integrating AI for Enhanced Student Engagement


Artificial intelligence holds significant potential to address key challenges in education, particularly in enhancing student engagement and facilitating personalized learning. AI's ability to provide instantaneous, tailored feedback can revolutionize how educators evaluate and enhance academic performance. However, as the educational community navigates these innovations, it becomes essential to address ethical considerations to ensure the responsible and effective integration of AI.

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Can Brain Science Actually Help Make Your Training & Teaching Stick?

Speaker: Andrew Cohen, Founder & CEO of Brainscape

The instructor’s PPT slides are brilliant. You’ve splurged on the expensive interactive courseware. Student engagement is stellar. So… why are half of your students still forgetting everything they learned in just a matter of weeks? It's likely a matter of cognitive science! With so much material to "teach" these days, we often forget to incorporate key proven principles into our curricula — namely active recall, metacognition, spaced repetition, and interleaving practice.

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What Education Companies Should Know About Governors’ K-12 Agendas

Marketplace K-12

Elected officials are calling for new funding for schools with few policy specifics attached to that money. The post What Education Companies Should Know About Governors’ K-12 Agendas appeared first on Market Brief.

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How My School Chooses Courage Over Fear to Prioritize DEI


As I drove down the lengthy driveway of Mercy Montessori Center, I called my great aunt from Athens, Georgia, whom we lovingly call Aunt Puddien. Aunt Puddien is like another mother to me and I trusted her wisdom. She always introduced me to a relative or friend of the family as the teacher to which they responded with praise and affirmation. To them, loving and teaching our youth was a great honor despite the devaluation educators often experience.

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Duet AI For Teaching: 6 Tips from Google’s Workspace for Education Manager


Duet AI is now available through Google Education. Vivek Chachcha, product manager for Google Workspace for Education, share tips for teaching with Duet.

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Exploring Fentanyl's Risks: Using Chemistry to Imitate the Brain's Protective Layer

Cycles of Learning

This lab activity directly tackles a pressing issue: the opioid crisis, with a spotlight on fentanyl, one of the most potent and problematic drugs out there. This isn't just any experiment; it's a timely exploration of a topic that's as relevant as it is serious, using a creative setup to model the brain's defense mechanisms against substances like fentanyl.

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After more than a dozen states said no to a new summer food benefit for children, advocates worry about filling the gap

The Hechinger Report

South Carolina’s sweltering summer months are often the busiest time of year for the Lowcountry Food Bank, an organization that gives meals to children year-round. When school lets out in June, the group opens nearly two dozen U.S Department of Agriculture-funded feeding sites in Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Yemassee and other coastal communities where low-income families can bring their children for a meal during the day.

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Say Hello to FigJam: Your Jamboard Alternative with Endless Possibilities

Shake Up Learning

The post Say Hello to FigJam: Your Jamboard Alternative with Endless Possibilities appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Over the last few years, teachers have come to LOVE Google Jamboard! But just when we settled into using it regularly, Google decided to take it away! BOO! Have no fear! My friend, Tom Mullaney, is an expert on FigJam–your Jamboard alternative with endless possibilities!

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Reimagining Chickering & Gamson's Principles Post-Pandemic: Technology's Central Role in Modern Edu

This white paper examines and proposes revisions to the "Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education" introduced by Arthur Chickering and Zelda Gamson in 1987 for today's technology-driven world.

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How teachers make ethical judgments when using AI in the classroom

ScienceDaily (EdTech section)

A teacher's gender and comfort with technology factor into whether artificial intelligence is adopted in the classroom, as shown in a new report.

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Appealing New Charging Cart Offers Enhanced Value in Classrooms

eSchool News

Lakewood Ranch, FL – JAR Systems premiered its newest solution, the Elevate USB-C Charging Cart EDU 32 , at the Future of Education Technology Conference. The illuminated cart caught the eye of many educators and technology leaders as they learned of the new advantages it provides. The cart maintains a critical feature—AC adapterless charging. This eliminates the long-dreaded activities of wiring carts and maintaining expensive charging cables.

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How to Teach 3rd Grade Kids: 25 Tips for a Successful Year


When I started teaching 3rd grade, I quickly realized it was a world of its own. This age is when children start blossoming into curious learners, eager to explore and understand more about the world around them. They’re at this sweet spot where their foundational skills are set and ready to tackle more complex ideas. […] The post How to Teach 3rd Grade Kids: 25 Tips for a Successful Year first appeared on SplashLearn Blog.

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How Polaris Transformed Progress Monitoring


Read our case study to find out how Polaris helped the Progressive Education Program in Buncombe Schools. The post How Polaris Transformed Progress Monitoring appeared first on n2y.

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Behind the Bell: The Underlying Impact of Tardiness in K-12 Schools

Managing a K-12 campus with constant pressure to meet performance metrics is challenging. And tardiness can significantly limit a school from reaching these goals. Learn more about why chronic lateness matters, and key strategies to address the following impacts: Data errors caused by manual processes Low attendance and graduation rates that affect a school’s reputation Classroom disruption, which leads to poor academic performance High staff attrition and “The Teacher Exodus” Unmet LCAP goals t

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50 Best Animal Trivia Questions for Kids [With Answers]


Do you know why animal trivia questions for kids are fun and super important? Learning about animals through trivia is a fantastic way to explore the amazing world of creatures, big and small. From the tiniest insects to the largest mammals, every animal has a unique story, and trivia questions help us uncover these fascinating […] The post 50 Best Animal Trivia Questions for Kids [With Answers] first appeared on SplashLearn Blog.

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American Consortium for Equity in Education

Helping districts to deal with new trends from robotics, E Sports and the ongoing concerns of using technlogy in classrooms and beyond , Emily Cook VP of BLUUM gives her insights from years of experience in the classroom and the Keep Reading ED TECH CAN SOLVE MANY SCHOOL DISTRICT CHALLENGES The post ED TECH CAN SOLVE MANY SCHOOL DISTRICT CHALLENGES appeared first on American Consortium for Equity in Education.

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What Is Mosaic Plagiarism?


Just as a mosaic consists of dozens of beautiful pieces, a mosaic-plagiarized work comprises details taken from different authors. However, the result is not that elegant – if we check plagiarism in the new artwork, the picture won’t be original. Why does mosaic plagiarism cause problems, and are there ways to avoid it? Let’s decompose it into tiles.

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The Literacy of Digital Monitoring at School

Lightspeed Systems

The post The Literacy of Digital Monitoring at School appeared first on Lightspeed Systems.

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Enhancing HyFlex Education through the PowerTeaching Framework

This whitepaper explores integrating the PowerTeaching pedagogical approach within a HyFlex (Hybrid Flexible) educational model, focusing on employing cooperative learning strategies and efficient classroom management techniques.

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Beyond Lessons: Tutors Can Help Teachers Build Relationships with Students

MIND Research Institute

This article was originally published on The 74 Tracy: Is a child shy? Distracted? Qualitative data provides insights into how young people think, aiding educators in building a positive rapport. I’m a math guy. I love math, and I teach it to my preschooler every day. At a recent parent-teacher conference, his teachers told me he didn’t recognize numbers and was having a hard time counting.

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How to ensure edtech ROI? Ask these 4 questions

eSchool News

Key points: Educators need reliable, easy-to-use edtech tools for maximum impact Edtech tools to beat our state of emergency in reading and math achievement How to find the right edtech tools for public schools For more news on edtech ROI, visit eSN’s Educational Leadership page Working with curriculum and system leaders and educators across the state of New Hampshire, I frequently hear some common refrains about education technology tools for the classroom.

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