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5 Must-have LMS reports for schools


As a teacher or school administrator, you need to stay informed about many class and student-related aspects. Doing this in an old-fashioned manner by talking to each student or manually checking attendance sheets and grades can be extremely time-consuming. . However, using a learning management system (LMS) allows you to stay updated on various school-related aspects with little effort.

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TCEA 2022: Online Learning Success Starts with a Strong Foundation

EdTech Magazine

Teachers have come a long way since March 2020, when many were thrown unprepared into the remote learning world. But instructional technology consultant and author Lindy Hockenbary says there’s still a lot more teachers can learn about online learning success. At this year’s in-person TCEA 2022 conference in Dallas, the A Teacher’s Guide to Online Learning author used her session, titled “The Recipe for K–12 Online Learning Success,” to share with teachers, instructional technologists and other


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Virtual Collaboration: 7 Best Practices for Hybrid Teams

ViewSonic Education

The rise of hybrid working models has created a need for teams to be able to collaborate and share ideas, regardless of their physical location. The good news is, this can be achieved through virtual collaboration. However, the concept of employees working closely with other people who may be on-site, off-site, or moving between the two, is new to most companie s and requires careful management.

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How to engage learners with a combination of STEM and SEL


Blog series: Spotlighting SEL in the H?para-supported classroom. This blog series is designed to provide educators with examples from the classroom of how the H?para Instructional Suite can be used to support social and emotional learning (SEL). We will explore themes from Supporting Child and Student Social, Emotional, Behavioral, and Mental Health Needs as well as the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) framework for applying evidence-based SEL strategies to your

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Behind the Bell: The Underlying Impact of Tardiness in K-12 Schools

Managing a K-12 campus with constant pressure to meet performance metrics is challenging. And tardiness can significantly limit a school from reaching these goals. Learn more about why chronic lateness matters, and key strategies to address the following impacts: Data errors caused by manual processes Low attendance and graduation rates that affect a school’s reputation Classroom disruption, which leads to poor academic performance High staff attrition and “The Teacher Exodus” Unmet LCAP goals t

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Personalizing within the Curriculum: High Quality Instructional Materials as a Lever for Student-Centered Learning

Education Elements

Over the last 10 years, we have seen a significant shift in how educators access and leverage instructional materials to guide instruction. As many states adopted new, more rigorous standards, curriculum providers rushed to create materials that would prepare students for college and career and state assessments. Though it took time, the current market for high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) is strong and presents states, districts, and educators with a different set of challenges.

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Beyond connectivity: using technology to support learner equity and access


Internet connectivity is a big deal for learner equity and access. Unfortunately, between 15 and 16 million K — 12 learners and 400,000 educators in the United States lacked adequate connectivity , a device or both in 2020. To help the country close this digital divide, a goal of meeting or exceeding internet access at speeds of at least one megabit per second (Mbps) per student was set by the FCC.

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Can Third Graders Learn Data Science? These Researchers Say Yes


Tell me about your dog. What type is it? What color is it? How much does it weigh? If you’ve got a cat, same questions apply. What’s the dog-to-cat ratio in your classroom (or office or home)? If you’re able to answer these, that’s how you teach data science to third graders—taking what seem like complex or abstract concepts and applying them to tangible elements in students’ lives.

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@PodcastPD: ‘Tech with Heart’ with Stacey Roshan – PPD113 @AJBianco @mrnesi #TechWithHeart #edtech #podcastedu


I had a chance to join AJ Bianco and Chris Nesi to talk all things Tech with Heart on episode 113 of Podcast PD. What I appreciated most about this conversation was the opportunity to truly dig into: why I flipped my classroom initially how my own introverted & perfectionist nature has driven my work as a teacher my journey & evolution as a teacher and how tech integration has played a role in that the importance of embracing our individual teaching strengths & styles.

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To Truly Measure Student Growth, Learning Experiences Must Be Personalized


As schools become more focused on continuous improvement and the development of growth mindsets, educators continue to evaluate how they can assess their students' learning to better inform instructional practices. This is foundational to both teachers and their administrators. How can we personalize things that have historically been standardized to see if they meet every individual learner’s needs?

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7 Essential Characteristics of an IB Learner


The International Baccalaureate Programme, or IB for short, is a continuum of global educational programs for primary school, middle school, and high school students that is currently being implemented in 159 countries. To date, more than 7,000 international schools offer the program, and more than 1.95 million students are presently full-fledged IB learners.

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Enhancing HyFlex Education through the PowerTeaching Framework

This whitepaper explores integrating the PowerTeaching pedagogical approach within a HyFlex (Hybrid Flexible) educational model, focusing on employing cooperative learning strategies and efficient classroom management techniques.

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Toxic Resilience Helped My Students Through Tragedy, But Teachers Deserve More.


It is impossible not to give a piece of your heart to each student who comes into your classroom. If you are an educator, you know this truth. When tragedy strikes, you feel it in your chest. I was given nothing, except for the news that my student was gone and a reminder to talk to someone if I needed it. Here I was, a young teacher with little experience dealing with trauma, much less helping others through it.

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Slidesgo Offers Free Google Slides and PowerPoint Templates

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Slidesgo is a platform that offers a wide variety of free Google Slides and PowerPoint templates. The way it works is simple: search the library, save the ones you like to your Google Slides or.read more.

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Do ‘Diverse’ Universities Lack Resources to Fully Serve Their Students?


What does it take for a university to be excellent—but not exclusionary? That’s one of the key questions raised by the book “ Broke: The Racial Consequences of Underfunding Public Universities.” It takes a close look at the challenges and goals of two colleges in California that primarily serve America’s “new majority”—that is, students who may be the first in their families to seek higher education, who are people of color and who are often low-income—and that also have grand ambitions to be to

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3 Takeaways for Educators From the ST Math Leadership Symposium

MIND Research Institute

This January, MIND Research Institute hosted its first national ST Math Leadership Symposium. During our event planning, we went back and forth quite a bit on a virtual versus in-person gathering. While nothing could compare to collaborating with a group of outstanding ST Math educators face-to-face, we ultimately opted for a virtual setting. Even with a virtual event, we were not prepared for how the start of the new year would unfold.

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The Battle of the Authoring Tools: A 10-Point Comparison for Picking the Right One

Speaker: Chris Paxton McMillin, President of D3 Training Solutions

There are plenty of great authoring tools for developing eLearning, but the one you select could directly impact your course's outcomes. Depending upon your learners’ needs and your organization’s performance goals, you could be overlooking considerations that impact the both effectiveness of your courses and how long it takes to finish them. From general capabilities to specific workflow structures, some aspects are critical when it comes to learning objectives and deadlines.

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How to Fix Hyperlinking Woes in Google Slides

Teacher Tech with Alice Keeler

When creating Google Slides with hyperlinks you may run into issues with hyperlinking. Here is how to fix hyperlinking issues in Google Slides. The post How to Fix Hyperlinking Woes in Google Slides appeared first on Teacher Tech.

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How to uphold assessment with integrity and ensure accurate measurement of student learning


Learn more about how the key to assessment with integrity is not just about mitigating misconduct, but also about nurturing students on their learning journey.

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Creating a Culture of Innovation at Schools


Schools can learn from businesses and engage in customer service and more frequent analysis of ongoing projects, says educator Bill Bass.

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The Importance of Slowing Down and Enjoying Childhood

The Principal of Change

Here is a quote I have shared often from Jamie Casap that has always resonated: “Don’t ask kids what they want to be when they grow up. Ask them what problem they want to solve.” Jamie Casap. Then I saw this post from the Instagram account, everyday.aotearoa, and it stopped me in my tracks. . I have been thinking about this concept lately, but how this was worded made me think about my own work.

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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the EdTech Industry: Assessing the Influence

AI-powered tools like virtual assistants and chatbots provide instant guidance and support, while data analytics offer valuable insights for educators and administrators.

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8 Things Students Need In Modern Project-Based Learning

TeachThought - Learn better.

Project-based learning needs in the 21st century include socialization, elegant curation, research, pivot points, and other considerations. The post 8 Things Students Need In Modern Project-Based Learning appeared first on TeachThought.

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The Best Car Seat Toys For Your Driving Sanity

Fractus Learning

Table of Contents What To Look For In A Car Seat Toy Best Overall Car Seat Toy: Lamaze Freddie The Firefly Best Car Seat Toy For Grabbing: Bigib BeeSpring Kid Baby Crib Cot Pram Hanging Rattles Car Seat Toy Best Car Seat Toys For Sound: Taf Toys Toe Time Infant Car Seat Toy Best Car Seat Toy For Busy Babies: Manhattan Toy Baby Whoozit Stroller Toy And Activity Toy Best Car Seat Toys For Sensory Development: Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroller Arch Best Car Seat Soft Toys For Babies: Tomy Lamaz

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Top wine apps for WSET students & wine lovers


Need to find a song? Log a workout? Identify a bird? Call a cab? Monitor your bodily functions? Yep, there’s an app for that. And just like there’s an app for every conceivable, measurable endeavor, there’s an app for every area of wine enjoyment, from searching for wine prices, events, and other enthusiasts to studying for (and acing) important exams and certifications, like the Wine & Spirits Education Trust or WSETⓇ Here at Brainscape, we go completely geeky ov

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Blooket : A How-To Play Guide For Teachers

Fractus Learning

Table of Contents What Makes A Great Teaching Microphone And Voice Amplifier For Teachers Best Overall Portable Voice Amplifiers For Teachers: WinBridge WB001 Portable Voice Amplifier With Headset Microphone Best Voice Amplifiers For Large Classroom: Zoweetek Portable Rechargeable Mini Voice Amplifier With Wired Microphone Headset Best Teaching Microphone For Outdoors: Gigaphone G100S Portable Voice Amplifier With Microphone Best Wireless Voice Amplifiers For Teachers: Zoweetek Voice Amplifier

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LIVE DEMO: Using PowerPoint to Create Compelling Presentations for Virtual Training

Speaker: Richard Goring, Director at BrightCarbon

Have you ever caught an employee sleeping during training? Compelling content is paramount, but trying to do so with the same tools you've always used is complicated, right? Wrong! Powerpoint has excellent features that, with a bit of creativity, can help you improve your presentations and keep your people engaged without going over budget. By utilizing newer components that enable interactive sequences, navigable content to respond to your audience, and pop quizzes for informal knowledge checks

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Workshop: "Hyflex Teaching and Learning" | More Webinars, Workshops, and Summits Detail

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Please consider joining us for one or more of our brand new series of affordable 'Survive and Thrive!' webinars, workshops, and summits, part of the LearningRevolution.com family: Library 2.0 , The Future of Education , ReinventingSchool.com , Classroom 2.0 , and TeacherLibrarian.org. More details below. HYFLEX TEACHING AND LEARNING Part of the LearningRevolution.com 'Survive and Thrive!

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Virtual Reality and Learning Mini-Conference: Updated Keynotes, New Partners, CFP Still Open!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Our first Library 2.022 mini-conference: " Virtual Reality and Learning: Leading the Way ," will be held online (and for free) on Tuesday, March 29th, 2022. Virtual Reality was identified by the American Library Association as one of the 10 top library technology trends for the future. The use of this technology is equally trending in the education, museum, and professional learning spheres.