EdmodoCon 2013 Guest Post #6: L. Butler

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Lisa has been using Edmodo for 2.5 Lisa and I were lucky to connect during EdCamp Philly this past Spring! edcamp #edtech edmodo edmodocon teaching technology Guest post #6 is submitted by Lisa Butler, a middle school Spanish and Social Studies teacher in Hershey, PA. years and hosted an EdmodoCon viewing party, and "enjoyed both learning from the passionate speakers and the parallel discussions we had because of the sessions."

The SUM of an Amazing Summer

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Stop me in the hall, catch me on Edmodo, tweet to me, and I will just start gushing out of control. When I look at how much I have evolved as a professional educator in the past year, I am astounded at the exponential rate at which I have learned so much from the talented educators I''ve had the pleasure of collaborating and interacting with on Twitter, Edmodo, and this blog. edcamp #edtech #flipclass #njed assignments collaboration edcamp edmodo edmodocon

EdCampCT Reflections and Resources

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For those who don''t know, Edcamp is a great series of free, unconferences for educators. The Edcamp model is unique in that attendees set the agenda the morning of the conference and the sessions are not led by one person, but are rather a collaboration of both the facilitator and attendees. The last session I went to was on Learning Management Systems, specifically Schoology and Edmodo. I highly recommend Edcamps! edcamp free resources professional development

Edublog 2011 Award Nominations


Some may state that ClassConnect is similar to Edmodo. Best open PD / unconference / webinar series: EdCamp EdCamp has redefined the way the traditional conference or workshop operates. Edublog 2011 Award Nominations The nominations are now open!

Tools for Changing/Improving PD and Meetings

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Edmodo - Edmodo is a closed, private social network. EdCamp model - the Edcamp model puts the participants in the driver''s seat for PD (and meetings) and allows for PD to be more meaningful. Professional Development and Faculty Meetings are typically held face-to-face and many times are longer than they need to be, or too much time is spent on things that only affect a small percentage of those present.

My EdcampNJ Highlights

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I already use Edmodo as my online hub, but Cel.ly Keep those eyes peeled at Edcamp-- resources can be found anywhere! Here are additional links on how to run an Edcamp.

Confessions of a Digital Leader: Connectedness is a Part of This Work


I found twitter, Edcamp and connected to teachers. I searched for twitter feeds, blogs, facebook, youtube, pinterest, edmodo and even school websites. There was a time in my academic career that I thought that every classroom should have an interactive whiteboard.

7 Ways to Spark Innovation and Collaboration In Your School


Or, give students a voice through events like an “ Edcamp for students”—this informal platform allows students to explore topics of their interest and become facilitators of their own learning through discussion and collaboration.


Paperless Please

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Start using an LMS (Learning Management System) such as Google Classroom , Schoology , Canvas , Edmodo , Moodle. Easy answer(s) is to contact your building/district coach, talk to your PLN, connect with a G+ Community, lurk or join Twitter Chat, attend a conference or edcamp.

Boston Area Peeps, Come Learn Together this Summer


This summer, this online component will likely be hosted on Edmodo, itself a great communication tool. Click for More Information July 22, 2013- Boston MA: EdCamp BLC at Building Learning Communities- I am helping to organize this free unconference in which the agenda is built and executed by participants. Now a veteran of 7 Edcamps, I will say again that I learn more at these events than I do from traditional PD!

What Is It About #Educon? My Reflections.

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Edcamps and TeachMeets are another example of how this can happen. Get up, move around, work in groups, have everyone collaborate in Edmodo or on a Google Doc. This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Educon 2.3 in Philadelphia. For those who don''t know, Educon is an educational conference that us put on by the students and staff of the Science Leadership Academy , lead by Chris Lehmann. Really, it is more the students who do everything.

How to Grow Your Edu-Family Tree

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To cement your bond, attend a local conference together or an Edcamp. There are many websites that bring teachers together, like Graphite, Google+ Groups, Edmodo Communities, and more. Going to a conference is like attending a family reunion. It's a chance for me to connect with my edu-family, the global network of teachers I am connected to online.

My #ISTE12 Reflection, Part 1


Steven Anderson : I really liked his idea of using Edmodo and Twitter to connect with his new teachers and help them with the tools they needed and used in the classroom. Mary Beth Hertz : Her idea of EdCamp , which was an unconference based on collaboration, sounded fabulous!