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Technology Quality Affects Online Learning

EdTech Magazine

While previous reports found that remote learning resulted in learning disruptions in K–12, it turns out that the quality of technology students have access to plays a significant role in online learning outcomes.

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4 Digital learning trends for Higher Education


Higher Education (HE) has significantly lagged behind other industries on the road to digitization. Despite the growing demand for edtech and online learning, face-to-face lectures and on-campus activities remained the core part of how students accessed their education. Read more: 3 Ways in which edtech enables hybrid learning.

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How To Sustain Powerful Digital Learning for the Future

Digital Promise

The Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools has implemented and advocated for equitable access to technologies to close the digital learning gap since its inception in 2011. Summit K-8 Virtual Academy offers students and families with a personalized approach to learning in a flexible environment.

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Digital Learning Theories and Frameworks to Elevate Instruction

Teacher Reboot Camp

Discover more ways to integrate technology effectively by taking one of my fully accredited online courses or get one of my books ! 4 Essential Elements for Effective Distance Learning. Digital Learning Theories and Frameworks. Online article retrieved from [link]. Digital Advent Calendar.

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Prioritizing social growth during online learning

eSchool News

Online learning lets children learn from the comfort of their own homes and gives teachers a chance to set their own schedules. However, some parents and teachers are worried about the social growth of students who are learning remotely. Hosting a virtual party is a great way to build social skills during online learning.

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Online Learning Is Not the Enemy


Is the prevailing takeaway from this brutal, oppressive year a shared aversion toward online learning? We need to proactively identify the ways in which remote learning can serve students just as well, if not better, than in-person experiences. That should give us all pause. That would’ve been nearly impossible.

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Design Amazing Online Learning Experiences Quickly with These Choice Menu Templates

Teacher Reboot Camp

Design is especially important in online learning and one key to student motivation and engagement. Designing an engaging online experience doesn’t have to take a lot of time. If you are new to distance learning, then templates are the way to go! For more information about this class, click here.