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How a State E-rate Coordinator Drives Digital Access

Education Superhighway

She is the current Digital Access Coordinator for the Learning Technology Center of Illinois (LTC) and an Illinois State E-rate Coordinator. Moreover, Mindy serves on several state and national associations such as the State Education Technology Directors Association (SETDA) and State E-rate Coordinator Alliance (SECA).

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Best practices for managing web filtering in a digital learning environment


Listen to an audio version of this post: [link] A digital learning environment offers students all kinds of options for research, class projects, collaboration, activities and assessments. So how do you manage web filtering so that it protects students but doesn’t restrict learning?


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Virtual Virtuoso: Optimal user experience features for e-learning


Nevertheless, as virus rates continue to surge in many parts of the US and more and more schools are choosing to keep their buildings shuttered through at least the first half of the fall semester, it looks as though distance learning may be here to stay for a while. The key is to learn what works best for each of them.

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A Pedagogical Shift Needed for Digital Success

A Principal's Reflections

As teachers and administrators we must be more intentional when it comes to digital learning. If the norm is surface-level integration that asks students to demonstrate knowledge and comprehension the most beneficial aspects of digital are missed. Just using it to access information is also not a sound use.

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#Internet4schools: Make Your Voice Heard

A Principal's Reflections

This was an extremely big deal five years ago and ultimately gave us an edge in terms of the many successful initiatives we rolled out including Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and digital learning across the curriculum. That means that 2 out of every 3 students do not have the high speed internet access they need in their schools.

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How Students Respond to Digital Media in the Classroom


While it’s essential to understand the limits of digital media in the classroom, an outright ban could prove detrimental. For students with learning disabilities or required accommodations, for example, a laptop or digital learning program may encourage interaction with material in a personalized way.

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Lessons from Digital Learning Day

Educator Innovator

Digital Learning Day (DLD), held on February 5, immersed kids from coast to coast in activities like tinkering with robotics, penning blog posts, and painting digital canvases. As educators know, integrating meaningful digital learning into the classroom is a 365-day effort. So it should be with E-Rate.