Resources for Digital Citizenship Week

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October 14-18, 2019 is Digital Citizenship Week. Here are resources from Ask a Tech Teacher and Structured Learning that will help you learn how to teach digital citizenship to your students. Curricula: K-8 Digital Citizenship Curriculum. Digital Citizenshi

Effective Digital Citizenship Education

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Digital citizenship education doesn’t work in a lecture format. Dr. Kristen Mattson, author of Digital Citizenship in Action talks about how they’ve integrated digital citizenship into all of their courses at her school and how you can too.

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College Credit Class in Digital Citizenship

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They include all the ebooks, videos, and other resources required so you don’t spend any more than what is required to register for the class. This one starts next week: Building Digital Citizens. digital commerce. digital communications. digital search/research.

Resources for Digital Citizenship Week

Ask a Tech Teacher

The California Department of Education encourages you to recognize October 15-19, 2018 as Digital Citizenship Week. Here are resources from Ask a Tech Teacher and Structured Learning that will help you learn how to teach digital citizenship to your students.

11 Projects to Teach Digital Citizenship

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This vast landscape of resources is offered digitally, freely (often), and equitably (hopefully), but to take that cerebral trek through the online world, children must know how to do it safely, securely, and responsibly. Have them draw a picture of themselves as a digital citizen.

Ann Oro: Developing A Digital Citizenship Curriculum

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Ann Oro helped her diocese develop curriculum standards for digital citizenship by grade level. Ann Oro: A Digital Citizenship Curriculum. So today we’re going to talk about, “What should we be teaching kids about digital citizenship?”.

129 Digital Citizenship Links on 22 Topics

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Here’s a long list of websites to address Digital Citizenship topics you teach in your classroom: Avatars. to promote digital privacy. Tellagami–a video avatar. Copyrights and Digital Law. Copyrights–BrainPop video. Cyberbullying video.

Tech Ed Resources for your Class–Digital Citizenship

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Today: K-8 Digital Citizenship Curriculum. K-8 Digital Citizenship Curriculum –9 grade levels. A year-long digital citizenship curriculum that covers everything you need to discuss on internet safety and efficiency, delivered in the time you have in the classroom.

Things Every Teacher Should Know About Digital Citizenship

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If you look over the shoulder of one of Gord Holden’s 10,000 students, it looks like they are playing a video game. Let’s dig into Gord’s three things about digital citizenship that every teacher should know. Digital Citizenship Education Get Connected

Teach Digital Citizenship: 20+ Tips & Resources

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Our students’ digital behavior influences our learning, language, rituals, values, routines, customs, and communication. This example illustrates the power of our digital acts and choices. Digital Footprints, Safety & Citizenship from Shelly Sanchez Terrell.

Strengthen Digital Citizenship This Summer With These Tips

Whether it’s summer or not, digital citizenship skills are something that adults and children alike should be practicing every day as citizens of the world. Common Sense’s games and Google’s Interland are great ways for families to plug in and learn about digital citizenship.

Digital Citizenship Resources


Teachers have long understood the importance of teaching and modeling good digital citizenship in their classrooms. Below are some helpful resources to integrate digital citizenship into classroom lessons: 1.

Common Sense Media digital citizenship refresh


Its a destination, always fresh with reviews of apps, video, books and more as well as advice for teaching with technology and outstanding curriculum. The updated, ready-to-teach digital citizenship lessons address realistic challenges and dilemmas faced by today’s students.

Tech, Digital Citizenship Support Social and Emotional Learning for K-12 Students

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Digital Citizenship Digital Workspace Internet Video ConferencingBy Meghan Bogardus Cortez Certain education technologies can facilitate lessons on empathy and compassion.

Class Tech Tips: Teaching Digital Citizenship with Adobe Spark


Digital citizenship is an essential topic for students to understand. Many schools have adopted digital citizenship curriculums to help introduce students to these concepts. You can help students put their digital citizenship skills into action using Adobe Spark.

8 Ways to Support Digital Citizenship Skills with Google

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The post 8 Ways to Support Digital Citizenship Skills with Google appeared first on Shake Up Learning. – PART 2: Digital Citizen. If digital tools do not direct us toward an increase in learning, we need to rethink why we are using them. Part 2: Digital Citizenship.

What Students Want Teachers—and Facebook—to Know About Digital Citizenship


But it was also on Facebook where in 2011 Jivani, then in ninth grade, posted a video of her removing the wig. In the video, she said that she sees beauty in everyone, while acknowledging that others’ words about her appearance had hurt her.

Crucial “Digital Citizenship” Conversations

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I realized how important it is to my digital profile and that it could effect my future! “With the ever expanding world of social media, whether we like it or not, global perceptions are formed based on how we communicate as members of our digital society.

Viral Messaging: Putting Digital Citizenship to the Test

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Turning A Viral Hoax Into A Lesson on Internet Safety Over the last week, you have probably seen some reference to the “Momo Challenge,” hidden messages in Youtube videos, and calls for technology companies to police their systems to protect kids.

Teaching Digital Citizenship with Google Classroom

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Digital Citizenship has become a popular term in recent years both inside and outside of the classroom. Frankly, it isn't only our students that need to work on Digital Citizenship skills, but many adults as well.

Netsupport Spotlights Digital Citizenship, Student Safety at ISTE 2018


Managing director Marcus Kingsley highlighted the system’s ability to manage a wide-array of ed-tech but emphasized a focus on digital citizenship and a changing narrative in online student safety.

10 Fun Digital Citizenship Videos for K–5 Classrooms

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More and more, digital citizenship skills like balancing screen time with other activities, being kind to others online, and knowing what’s OK and not OK to share online are essential at the elementary school level. We the Digital Citizens.

New, free digital citizenship curriculum helps students become responsible tech users

A strong understanding of digital citizenship is essential for students of all ages to be able to make smart choices online and in life. The new, free K-12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum from Common Sense Education has lessons for all ages to address the current technology landscape.

Digital Citizenship and Social Media for Students


My class was learning about the Sustainable Development Goals , but I noticed as students entered the room they were busy chatting about video games, connecting with people online and talking to each other via a messaging app. Have you ever had to change directions? Well, I did.

Google Launches YouTube curriculum on Digital Citizenship

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Google has a new curriculum on YouTube that helps teachers educate students on digital citizenship, including online safety, etiquette and more. There are guidelines for teachers, slides for presentations and a YouTube Curriculum channel with the videos.

Teaching Digital Citizenship with Google Classroom

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Digital Citizenship has become a popular term in recent years both inside and outside of the classroom. Frankly, it isn't only our students that need to work on Digital Citizenship skills, but many adults as well.

Digital Citizenship Lessons en Français

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As educators and librarians, incorporating digital citizenship into our daily instruction can be a tall order. We first need to reflect on our own habits in order to model a balanced digital life. These videos can be found on Common Sense Education's YouTube Channel.

Games Can Breed Uncivil Behavior. They Can Also Teach Digital Citizenship.


For most children, online video games offer an early window into social interactions with friends—and strangers. Yet games are an enduring medium; more than 90 percent of teens play video games, according to a 2018 Pew survey. how kids act in games offers a glimpse of how they may act in other digital worlds—and the real one as well. And how kids act in games can offer a glimpse into how they may act in other digital worlds—and the real one as well.

New Digital Citizenship Lessons for Your Classroom

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Students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life. Common Sense Education's K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum prepares students to think critically and use technology responsibly to learn, create, and participate. In the eight years since we launched the K–12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum, we've seen educator needs and concerns grow with the evolving digital landscape.

It’s Not Digital Citizenship—It’s Just Citizenship, Period.


Citizenship knows no boundaries. The civics lessons we teach our students outside of the digital arena apply to the online world and vice versa. As a classroom teacher and an instructional technologist, I struggled with how to find time in students’ already-busy schedules to incorporate digital citizenship, even though I knew it was important to teach. So I lost the digital. I hope you can begin to “lose the digital," too.

Teaching Digital Citizenship - free online course for teacers to help teach students to be safe online

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Teaching Digital Citizenship is a free, new tool that educators can use to keep kids safer online. This training can help anyone involved with educating children understand the risks kids face online and how to empower them to be responsible digital citizens.

Videos: Why, How, Options

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When I started teaching, videos were used only for a few reasons: to teach historical events, as a prize for something students did well, or for the sub to fill the time while I was out. Why use videos. How to use videos. 3 Great Video Tools that Modify and Redefine Learning.

Video 195

Understanding The Deep Fake: A Troubling Trend

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Wesley Fryer on episode 572 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Deep fake videos are now possible. In this disturbing trend, convincing videos, audio, and photos are viewed and shared by those who somehow think you can trust what you see and hear.

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A Conversation Starter for Digital Citizenship


This video from Birdville ISD in Texas is well done and covers several digital citizenship and online safety situations which are relevant to the young students in our classrooms. digital citizenship digital storytelling ethics online safety

Should Educators Focus on Just Citizenship Instead of Digital Citizenship?

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In the education community, we call this digital citizenship. Digital citizenship is more than students knowing their way around the web. When we teach digital citizenship, we help create a positive school culture that supports safe and responsible technology use. Because our kids are growing up with technology, some might say that “Digital Citizenship should just be citizenship.”