Language Arts Lesson Using a micro:book

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Reading and writing are integrated into learning activities in the form of fun, interesting books and stories and through writing original stories, narratives, and journalistic reports. The micro:book Lesson.

Alphabet Journal with Book Creator

iTeach with iPads

It was made in Book Creator and I’ve written about it here and here. Another great way to use Book Creator in the Early Childhood classroom is to create an alphabet book. The ePub of this book can be downloaded for free here.

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Book Review: Repositioning Educational Leadership

Ask a Tech Teacher

The result is this book with a simple rationale: Education leaders must position themselves as inquirers. The book is organized into three sections: Learning from and with Students, Collaborating with Teachers and the School Community , and Leading System-level Inquiry.

20+ wide-ranging books to check out for educators

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Ed Tech Lesson planning Student engagement Teaching books for educators books for teachers education books teacher books teacher summer readingIn many ways, we educators live in an exciting time to be in the classroom and work with students. Examples: We have lots of access to research and best practice to inform our teaching. Educators from all over the world share their best ideas and discuss freely via social media. It’s easier than ever for […].

EdTech at School

This E-book is designed to support educators with case studies of education technology use at school.

Teaching digital citizenship with picture story books

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These picture books illustrate important concepts beautifully. Teaching digital citizenship books digital citizenship picture books picture books for the classroom social media picture books technology picture booksTeaching digital citizenship in a meaningful way can be daunting. This post is written by Eleni Kyritsis, a Year 3 teacher and Leader of Digital Learning and Innovation from Melbourne, Australia.

Books I read in January 2020

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Books I finished reading (or rereading) in January 2020… You Gotta Have Wa , Robert Whiting [baseball]. Miscellaneous books miscellaneousThe Apocalypse Troll , David Weber [sci fi]. Lucifer’s Hammer , Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle [sci fi]. Building School 2.0:

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3 Important Books for Kids

Ask a Tech Teacher

To encourage that last activity, here are three great books that will entertain, motivate, and educate–all in one fun experience. Who could not pick up Robbie and Michael Cheadle’s story-and-baking book, Sir Chocolate and the Sugar Dough Bees Story and Cookbook (TSL Publications 2017) after reading this blurb: “A greedy snail damages the flower fields and the fondant bees are in danger of starving. I love this book as well as the entire Piper Morgan series.

10 Books You’ll Want to Read This Summer

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Yes, there is a lot wrong with education around the world but I wanted a selection of books that would send me — and you — back to teaching in the fall with a can-do attitude for how to accomplish miracles with your next class of students. This book is free online.

7 Books to Help Add Purpose and Meaning to Life

The CoolCatTeacher

Great books can do that. Here are some of the best books I’ve read this year (2015)– in no particular order. (I I did not include education books. I interview the authors of my favorite education books on Every Classroom Matters!) Excellent book!

February’s Top 5 Education Book Releases

Where Learning Clicks

With so many great books to choose from, we picked a few of February’s top education book releases that you won't want to miss! The post February’s Top 5 Education Book Releases appeared first on Where Learning Clicks.

How Teachers Can Self Publish Books

The CoolCatTeacher

David has self published three books. He explains simply how teachers and authors can self publish books in print and ebook format. Essential Questions: How Teachers Can Self-Publish Books. What is the difference between formatting ebooks and print books?

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2 Children’s Books You’ll Love

Ask a Tech Teacher

As a teacher, I’m always looking for children’s books for my students. Eastman’s incomparable book, Are You My Mother , about a baby bird’s search for its mother, you must read this book. This is a short book. Robbie Cheadle’s Sir Chocolate and the Fondant Five story and cookbook (2019) is the next in the author’s delightful series of books that blend children’s stories with themed original recipes.

Poetry Notebooks with Book Creator

iTeach with iPads

Each child has a black and white sewn composition book and we glue in a copy of the poem for the week. Then, it hit me…Book Creator! They saved it to Book Creator and this allows me to add more poems as we go through the rest of the year.

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8 Essential Books Every Tech-Minded Teacher Should Read

Ask a Tech Teacher

I love reading, but there are so many books out there, it’s challenging to pick the right one for my education needs. She curated a great list of essential tech-minded books for today’s teachers. The book features a foreword by George Lucas himself.

New Productivity Book: Vote on Your Favorite Book Cover

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POLL: What is your favorite book cover and title? Planning system Book Cover. A vote on the planning system and book cover. What is your favorite book cover?

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10 great education books for summer reading

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Teaching summer reading for teachers top books for educators top education books top teacher booksSummer … the time when all teachers spend carefree days sitting by the pool and drinking fruity drinks, right? Many teachers I know (especially the best ones!) spend at least part of their summers honing their craft. It’s a time to do things we were too busy to do during the school year, and […].

Helping Autistic Students Travel by Making Books

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Brett Bigham has created a way to use books to help special needs and young children prepare to go to new places. You can even make books for kids (or some older students might be able to as well.) Ability books for those with special needs. I’d make a book.

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Subscriber Special: November–Discounts on Select Print Books

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Discounts on Select Print Books. Any of these books: $25.99. High School Technology Curriculum–Book 1. All of these book are ordered and delivered through Amazon. Every month, subscribers to our newsletter get a free/discounted resource to help their tech teaching.

Presenting Our 2019-20 Student Book Budget Purchases

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

Since December our student book budget team has been working to make selections for our library. They have used profits from our fall book fair along with Capstone Rewards to order books from both Avid Bookshop and Capstone. Then, students sorted the books onto tables by genre.

Design Thinking & Book Creator


However, with the multimedia capabilities of Book Creator – which will soon be available on ALL devices including Chromebooks – one app offers up a robust solution to this problem. First, with Book Creator, students can use a variety of media to document their work.

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Creating Digital Books: 15+ Ideas & Resources

Teacher Reboot Camp

During one of my teaching internships, my mentor had us create books we read to children from the Boys and Girls Club. I still have my construction paper book with my poor drawings. This holiday season we can get them to create digital books that help others. Fortunately, several free web tools and apps help students quickly and easily create and publish digital books. Creating & Learning with Digital Books from Shelly Sanchez Terrell. More Book Ideas.

Connecting Your Students with the World: Book Review [Book]

The CoolCatTeacher

Connecting Your Students with the World: Book Review by Billy Krakower, Paula Naugle, Jerry Blumengarten (Eye on Education, 2015). This book designed especially for grades K-8 classrooms. I’m excited to review this book. My favorite thing: The book organizes by month! I knew when I saw this book several months ago that it was going to help lots of teachers and their students connect. This book makes it easier. My Book Review.

Using Book Creator for Differentiated Learning


Book Creator’s multimodal tools and supports can be used for both teachers and students to create content, demonstrate understanding while building in student voice and choice. Using Book Creator for Differentiated Learning.” Apple Books.

2 books for 2 different needs

Dangerously Irrelevant

That’s particularly true when it’s something as big as a book (even a small book). My first book, Different Schools for a Different World , was a collaborative effort with my joyful friend, Dean Shareski. The book has gotten good reviews so far.

Book Creator Ambassador


I recently became a ‘ Book Creator Ambassador ‘ If you want any support or guidance about this fantastic app, contact me ! Click here for a previous article I wrote about Book Creator. Have you used Book Creator?

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10 Leadership Development Books to Read Before School's in Session

Education Elements

We are big readers here at Education Elements, with book clubs and recommendations flying back and forth across our team. You can catch us reading on the plane, in the office, listening to books on our walks or runs, and – when we're lucky – by the pool!

Teacher Created Texts in Book Creator

iTeach with iPads

I still use iBooks Author to create books for my students and I also use Book Creator to create books as well. We are studying the rainforest currently and I’ve made a few books pertaining to the rainforest for my student’s iPads.

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#InnovateInsideTheBox Instagram Book Study! (Starting January 22)

The Principal of Change

I am excited to announce that Katie Novak and I will be starting an Instagram book study on January 22, 2020, on my co-authored book, “ Innovate Inside the Box: Empowering Learners Through UDL and the Innovator’s Mindset.”

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4 Innovative Ways to Co-Author a Book

Ask a Tech Teacher

Everyone wants to write a book — right? Studies show that 74% of people think they have a book in them. The rest have too much trouble balancing the demands inherent to writing a 70,000-word book (or even its shorter cousin, the novella). A Comic Book.

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Character Analysis with Book Creator

iTeach with iPads

It’s no secret Book Creator is one of my favorite apps. This week, I’ve worked with teachers using Book Creator in various ways in their instructional contexts. A favorite activity was creating a character analysis book featuring a character in a recent story.

#BLinAction Book Club – Join the Conversation!

Catlin Tucker

I am excited to announce the start of our #BLinAction book club discussions to help readers stay connected and share ideas about each chapter. The book chats will run “slowchat” style with one thought and one question posted per day throughout the week.

November’s Top 5 Education Book Releases: See What’s Coming Out This Month!

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Each month, hundreds of new books about education come out so we’ve chosen 5 books coming out this month that can help you both in and out of the classroom. The post November’s Top 5 Education Book Releases: See What’s Coming Out This Month!

Halloween Projects, Websites, Apps, Books, and a Costume

Ask a Tech Teacher

Books. Three holidays are fast-approaching–Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If you’re a teacher, that means lots of tie-ins to make school festive and relevant to students. Here are ideas for Halloween projects, lesson plans, websites, and apps: Websites and Apps.

How I Motivated My Autistic Students to Publish 63 Books

The CoolCatTeacher

Essential Questions in “How I Motivated My Autistic Students to Publish 63 Books” How do you edit and publish books with kids of all ability levels? Jon Smith’s students have published 63 books! Book Creator. Every Classroom Matters #184.

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