Teaching digital citizenship with picture story books

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These picture books illustrate important concepts beautifully. Teaching digital citizenship books digital citizenship picture books picture books for the classroom social media picture books technology picture booksTeaching digital citizenship in a meaningful way can be daunting. This post is written by Eleni Kyritsis, a Year 3 teacher and Leader of Digital Learning and Innovation from Melbourne, Australia.

10 great education books for summer reading

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Teaching summer reading for teachers top books for educators top education books top teacher booksSummer … the time when all teachers spend carefree days sitting by the pool and drinking fruity drinks, right? Many teachers I know (especially the best ones!) spend at least part of their summers honing their craft. It’s a time to do things we were too busy to do during the school year, and […].

#InnovatorsMindset Instagram Book Study

The Principal of Change

This gave me the idea of doing a book study on my book, “ The Innovator’s Mindset ,” starting July 2 and going until July 18. Each day of the book study (or as you see fit), participants will be asked to share a reflection in some form on what they have read.

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One Book One School/Book Club Solutions


What do we do with the leftover books after our One-Book-One-School / One-Book-One-Community or major book club events have passed? It is intended to be a free platform for libraries and schools to share book club materials.

Book Creator Ambassador


I recently became a ‘ Book Creator Ambassador ‘ If you want any support or guidance about this fantastic app, contact me ! Click here for a previous article I wrote about Book Creator. Have you used Book Creator?

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Join the Shake Up Learning Summer Book Study!

Shake Up Learning

The post Join the Shake Up Learning Summer Book Study! Join the Shake Up Learning Summer Book Study! YOU are invited to join the Shake Up Learning Summer Book Study! The Shake Up Learning book was designed for book studies! I couldn’t just write a paper book.

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20 books by teachers, for teachers to inspire your teaching

Ditch That Textbook

I wrote my book, Ditch That Textbook, in 2014 and it was published in spring 2015. When that book was published, I didn’t realize that I would be part of a huge movement to equip and empower teachers. My book was published by Dave Burgess Consulting, led by Dave and Shelley Burgess. Teaching books creative teaching edtech educational technology inspiration motivation

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Character Analysis with Book Creator

iTeach with iPads

It’s no secret Book Creator is one of my favorite apps. This week, I’ve worked with teachers using Book Creator in various ways in their instructional contexts. A favorite activity was creating a character analysis book featuring a character in a recent story.

Book Creator – A Brilliant Tech Tool To Use In The Classroom


Book Creator was launched in 2011. Now, 7 years later, a staggering 1 million books are made per month! What is Book Creator? Book Creator, as the title suggests, is an app which allows you to create your own books. Book Creator really is that easy to use. .

’Booking’ Students: The Literacy Solution

EdNews Daily

Now to make appropriate book selections which had appeal to students in Kindergarten through Sixth Grade. Our students begin each school day immersed in literacy, and the change in our listeners is palpable, nineteen books later and counting. Written By Guest Author: (Mrs.) Linda A.

Student Book Budget: Let the Readers Read

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

The last group of books from this year’s student book budget group has arrived. Our spring break slowed us down a bit, but our Capstone books are finally ready. When the books arrived, students worked together to unpack the boxes and check the packing slip.

Books for Keeps: It’s Time for Summer Reading!

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

I am so excited to share that this was the very first year our school was served by an amazing program called Books for Keeps. This non-profit group was founded by Melaney Smith and gives 12 new books to every student in 12 of our 14 elementary schools in Clarke County.

Books to Inspire Coding & Robotics

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Books Classroom Educators Parents Primary Resources Science STEM books coding lego maker makerspace reviews robotics stemI have been running a Coding and Robotics Club at my school, St Aidan’s AGS Junior School, Brisbane, for a couple of years now.

BookWriter: Turn your Digital Storytelling into Printable Books!


Book Writer: Innovative app to make multimedia books What it is? Book Writer ($3.99) is an educational iOS app designed for the iPad/iPhone for creating multimedia digital books. A user can add video, images, music, and even record their own voice to narrate a book.

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Smiling About Bitmoji Books

The Daring Librarian

My favorite avatar creator Bitmoji , which I've been blogging about since 2015 (links to those posts below) has recently added a few NEW cartoons featuring books! I added my much needed bangs, blonde highlights, changed my tennis shoe pops of color, and ummm a Harry Potter book or two!

Some early comments on my new book

Dangerously Irrelevant

My new book with Dean Shareski, Different Schools for a Different World , is getting some positive early comments. This book is lean and dead on point. Scott McLeod and Dean Shareski have knocked it out of the park with their latest book. New book!

8 New Books to Jump-Start Your Summer Learning

Tom Murray

Both groups also look forward to some needed downtime and finally the opportunity to relax with a good book. To prepare for the upcoming summer, I wanted to share eight books that I’ve recently reviewed or read for my own personal growth. Book: BrandED.

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Student Book Budget: Meeting with Vendors

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

Our student book budget team has been hard at work making consideration lists based on the data they have collected from Barrow readers. Each year, we meet with several vendors to look at book samples, catalogs, and websites.

Giveaway: Barron's Educational Books


As some of us change room assignments, grade levels, or subject matter, it will be very important to maintain a well stocked selection of age and grade appropriate books for our new students. The following books, written by Syl Sobel, will help them learn how it all works.

Anchor Charts and Book Creator

iTeach with iPads

Each time we create a new chart, students open the Book Creator app and snap a picture of the chart…even the alphabet charts that stay up all year. In the beginning of the year, I create the book template and send it to every iPad in Showbie. I love anchor charts!

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Google’s new Talk to Books: Semantic search for book and idea discovery


This week TED curator Chri s Anderson and futurist Ray Kurzweil introduced Talk to Books. What is Talk to Books? Talk to Books results are retrieved from Google Books’ collection of 100,000 titles or 600 million sentences. an entirely new way to explore books.

Bring Literacy into Math with Big Books!


Big Books for Math Instruction and Centers *enter to win the entire Big Book set below* We use big books in a variety of ways in my classroom. I love using big books during reading and writing workshop. You can buy the books individually for $39.95

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More Relevant Books. More Engaged Reading.

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We provide children with a wide range of intriguing books, which increase in level alongside them as they increase in age. But what choices does he have for books that he is able to read? The books written at a third-grade level are for third graders! Sus, done with this book.

Helping Autistic Students Travel by Making Books

The CoolCatTeacher

Brett Bigham has created a way to use books to help special needs and young children prepare to go to new places. You can even make books for kids (or some older students might be able to as well.) Ability books for those with special needs. I’d make a book.

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Updates On Our New Book!

Larry Ferlazzo

Our new book continues to be very popular – it’s still the number one new release in education on Amazon, along with continuing to be – at last look – the 25th best-selling book in education. Except the book!).

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New book! Different Schools for a Different World

Dangerously Irrelevant

As some of you may have realized by now, Dean Shareski and I have a new book out. Our book is a call to action that serves as the framing volume for the Solutions for Creating the Learning Spaces Students Deserve series from Solution Tree.

16 Books About Learning Every Teacher Should Read

TeachThought - Learn better.

16 Books About Learning Every Teacher Should Read by TeachThought Staff In the age of blogging and social media, is there still room for books? The post 16 Books About Learning Every Teacher Should Read appeared first on TeachThought. Teaching BooksOf course there is! While digital content is handy and accessible, many of the issues we face as educators are deeper than any single post–or series of posts–can adequately address. […].

2016 Picture Book Smackdown

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

Picture Book Month came to a close and we once again hosted a Picture Book Smackdown with schools around the country. All month long, students have been celebrating Picture Book Month by reading picture books from every genre section of our library. Picture book smackdown!

The Student Book Budget Books Have Arrived!

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

After almost two months of working on the 2015-2016 student book budget project, the books are rolling in to the library, and the excitement is brewing. Students had $5,000 to spend on books. It's book budget unpacking day! Assembly line during student book budgets.

Design Thinking & Book Creator


However, with the multimedia capabilities of Book Creator – which will soon be available on ALL devices including Chromebooks – one app offers up a robust solution to this problem. First, with Book Creator, students can use a variety of media to document their work.

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The 2017 Student Book Budget Books Have Arrived!

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

Every year a volunteer group of students give their time to spend a budget on books for the library. This budget comes from grants, book fair profits, and rewards points and it is completely in their control. Book budget unpacking and genre sorting starting soon!

Teacher Created Texts in Book Creator

iTeach with iPads

I still use iBooks Author to create books for my students and I also use Book Creator to create books as well. We are studying the rainforest currently and I’ve made a few books pertaining to the rainforest for my student’s iPads.

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New Productivity Book: Vote on Your Favorite Book Cover

The CoolCatTeacher

POLL: What is your favorite book cover and title? Planning system Book Cover. A vote on the planning system and book cover. What is your favorite book cover?

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5 Tips for Would-Be Academic Book Authors


This week, I’m participating in a small panel at my university addressing the academic book publishing process from the faculty author perspective. When I was starting out on my first book proposal, Philip Nel kindly shared a sample of one of his book proposals.

Win Google Classroom Book

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Win Alice Keeler Google Classroom Book Win a copy of my first book “50 Things You Can Do with Google Classroom” co-authored with Libbi Miller. This book is for if you’re new to Google Classroom and looking for ideas on how you can use Google Classroom in your class. The post Win Google Classroom Book appeared first on Teacher Tech.

Summer Book Buzz

Reading By Example

In her book, Becoming A Literacy Leader , Jennifer Allen is guided by two goals when planning study groups: purposeful alignment and peer interaction. ” I agree with her goals, and I have had the opportunity to plan book study groups based on these goals.

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Book: The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

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Book: The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time by TeachThought Staff Summary “Christopher John Francis Boone knows all the countries of the world and their capitals and every prime number up to 7,057. Literacy Books


Baby's Got Mail: Free Books Boost Early Literacy

NPR Learning and Tech

A simple, scalable way to reach kids before they enter school: You sign up and get a free book in the mail every month until your child turns 5. Image credit: LA Johnson/NPR


Win a Copy of the Shake Up Learning Book!

Shake Up Learning

The post Win a Copy of the Shake Up Learning Book! Win a Copy of the Shake Up Learning Book! To kick-off our summer book study , I’m giving away 5 copies of my book! The Shake Up Learning book study starts on July 5th. The post Win a Copy of the Shake Up Learning Book! Books shake up learning booksappeared first on Shake Up Learning. Get all the details here.

Join Us for the 5th Annual Picture Book Smackdown

Barrow Media Center: Expect the Miraculous

We are nearing the end of November, which means the close of Picture Book Month. Jenny Lussier, Cathy Potter, Shawna Ford, Kathy Kaldenberg, and I created the very first Picture Book Smackdown which was held via Google Hangout on November 21, 2013. A list of the books we reference.