Impero Software Announces Philip Walters as its New Chairman


Austin, TX, May 18, 2018 – Impero Software, a leading provider of classroom management, network and online safety software to schools, today announces Philip Walters as its new board chairman. Founded in 2002, Impero software is now accessed by over 1.5

Advocacy of robo-readers hasn’t won the debate — it still misses the main point

Improving Education Environments

The Hechinger Report has a recent article out about the potential of software in the realm of robograders. The researchers then make efforts to determine why this is so (you can gamify writing via the software, students look at human instructors as punitive and the computer as nonjudgmental , computer feedback can be more individualized than human labor). The software was developed to meet assessment needs in a manner that notes ease, economy and standardization.

TCEA 2011 Legislative Update Advocacy Panel


Having hardware and software that helps effectively diagnose student need and place them in learning materials that they need is critically important. Notes from TCEA 2011 Panel. The speakers words flowed fast and I caputred/paraphrased them as accurately as I could. For an additional take on this event from someone else who also live blogged it, you can visit this post from Bryan Doyle.

Impero Software Announces New Version of its Flagship Product – Impero Education Pro – at ISTE 2018


Chicago, June 24, 2018 – Impero Software, a leading provider of classroom management, network and online safety software to schools today announced the latest version of its award-winning product, Impero Education Pro V7. Founded in 2002, Impero software is now accessed by over 1.5

Impero Software Partners with Mental Health America to Help Identify Mental Health Concerns in Schools


Austin, TX, May 10, 2018 – Impero Software, a leading provider of classroom management, network and online safety software to schools, has partnered with the national nonprofit Mental Health America (MHA) to help schools detect potential mental health concerns among students.

Impero Software Names Richard Fuller as New CEO and Announces its New Austin, TX Headquarters in the U.S.


19, 2018 – Impero Software has announced the appointment of Richard Fuller as its new CEO to drive the company’s next phase of growth as it bolsters its global business plan. In addition to providing safeguarding software to schools, Impero also promotes good digital citizenship.

How our district uses tech to fight cyberbullying

eSchool News

The role of monitoring software. Another way schools can get in front of the issue is by using monitoring software to keep an eye on what students are doing while on the school network. This includes using monitoring software. Monitoring software acts as a safety net.

What to do when you have done everything you can

Reading By Example

I asked two major software vendors on Twitter , who our district partners with regarding student learning, on where they stand with these cuts to public education. Advocacy Community Leadership budget higher education K-12 privitization Scott Walker Valerie Strauss

How (and Why) to Generate a Static Website Using Jekyll, Part 1


These types of software add unnecessary junk to your files, breaking your site. We need, instead, software that will create files that have no other characters than the ones we put in. Next time… Productivity Software jekyll web writing

A letter of support


These new collections support new literacies and leverage the new bounty of open educational resources (OER) supported by the White House’s #GoOpen initiative, as well as streamed media, and software for creating and sharing powerful, effectively, ethically produced digital stories. advocacy school librarians school librariesIt’s hard to make sense of the current climate for school libraries.

OER 60

Boys Will Be Boys

Reading By Example

Another idea is to allow students to dictate their writing using voice recognition software. Advocacy Learning Literacy principal as an advocate Reading Reflection Technology Writing behaviors boys engagement literacy

8 Ed-tech organizations every teacher should know about


Focus: EdTech Access and Advocacy. Focus: Digital Learning Advocacy and Research. FLE also have a device grant program to enable the distribution of the software.

World Backup Day March 31st: Student data security


As school districts become increasingly dependent on technology, many are required to perform annual security evaluations, or implement educational LMS products with built-in data security measures and tracking software.

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Why new technologies often don’t help students

The Christensen Institute

Edtech enthusiasts promote the benefits of innovations such as open educational resources (OER), learning management systems (LMS), and adaptive learning software. The Gooru software and LPS’s learning resources are available for free at

#FactFriday: 125 years ago, Labor Day became a national holiday.


From working in the fields and factories to developing the software that now drives the tractor or assembles the machinery, we have technology to thank for this evolution.

Education Technology Industry Network and StartEd Will Host Ed Tech Growth Event in New York


and New York, NY) — The Education Technology Industry Network ( ETIN ) of the Software Information Industry Association ( SIIA ), the largest non-profit software industry policy and advocacy association, announced today a partnership with StartEd Inc.,

Education Technology Industry Network Grows With Addition of Education Industry Association Members

Marketplace K-12

The Education Industry Association, which struggled to keep membership after a downturn in federal funding for tutoring, is joining a division of the Software & Information Industry Association, or ETIN, effective immediately, under an agreement announced today. The competition represents applications, products and services from developers of educational software, digital content, online learning services, and related technologies across the PreK-20 sector.

Take the World Mental Health Day Quiz


World Mental Health Day (October 10) is a day celebrated globally for mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma. This year’s theme “ Young People and Mental Health in a Changing World,” brings focus to what young people are facing in our world today.

Five Top Technology Trends In Special Education


Recently, though, Amplify tweaked its software. More than 100 companies, universities, and nonprofit and advocacy organizations have signed a new “ accessibility pledge ” intended to make K-12 computer science education more inclusive.

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SXSW EDU 2019 PanelPicker

The Christensen Institute

Emily Bouck, Policy and Advocacy Director, Higher Learning Advocates. John Wark, Founder and President, Nashville Software School. The SXSW EDU PanelPicker is back again!

Impero Education Pro v6.3 wins Tech & Learning TCEA Best of Show Award


28, 2018 – Impero Software’s flagship product , Impero Education Pro, has won a TCEA Best of Show Award from Tech & Learning magazine. In addition to providing software to schools, Impero is also supports for digital citizenship education in schools. Austin, TX, Feb.

How a passion for policy helped an educator get more funding for technology in schools

Education Superhighway

As a former teacher, tech coordinator, and chief technology officer, Jennifer Bergland now leads advocacy efforts as the Director of Governmental Relations at Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA). I got an Apple IIe computer and we had free open source software programs for our kids.

Mission (Almost) Accomplished: Nonprofit EducationSuperHighway Prepares to Sunset


He’d spent his career building and selling companies in various industries, including finance, telecommunications, software and consumer retail. It’s the beginning of the end of the road for EducationSuperHighway.

Are Schools Helpless, Hapless When it Comes to IT Privacy and Security?

Doug Levin

Advocates would have us believe that school districts are incapable of making responsible decisions about technology-related privacy and security issues affecting students.

Schools Embracing Data, Metrics to Improve Effectiveness

K-12 Schools - Education News

According to the NY Daily News, performance tracking software has been distributed across schools in New York in an effort to help schools measure with laser-focused accuracy both student and faculty performance, Ben Chapman writes.

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5 Best Practices for STEM Education Spaces

EdTech Magazine

It’s a creative space where students not only can build things, but also create things, such as a new advocacy program on a social issue. “In Even though Charlottesville City Schools standardized on Chromebooks for its one-to-one program, the devices were not the right solution for students in STEM courses who needed to use computer-aided design software and 3D printers. 5 Best Practices for STEM Education Spaces. jena.passut_7651. Tue, 04/24/2018 - 08:13.

STEM 124

How Universities Can Grow a Culture of Academic Innovation


The DIG team identified and prioritized additional needs and quickly added members with expertise in user experience design, behavioral science, data science, software development and innovation advocacy. Over the course of a year, we hire approximately 20 undergraduate and graduate student fellows who are both mentored in and contribute to areas as diverse as software development, user experience design, graphic artistry, innovation advocacy and data science.

Planning for the Total Cost of Edtech Initiatives

Strategic planning for edtech is an endless journey—and not just because of constantly evolving hardware and software. Most educators look at the cost of their device and software, but what they need to understand is that the total cost includes PD, tech support, sustainability.

What the World Can Teach the US About Education Technology


Governments, educators, advocacy groups and companies large and small need to work better together. The initiative supports interoperability, which refers to the ability for different education software, platforms and systems to work with one another. Some of the conclusions may not come as a surprise in the Omidyar Network’s report on what works in scaling education technology in different regions worldwide.

Could Remixing Old MOOCs Give New Life to Free Online Education?


And since it’s built on top of the open-source software released by edX (called OpenEdX), it will be free for anyone to use. One of those partners is Fanuel Muindi, who leads the nonprofit Stem Advocacy Institute , which has created a library of educational materials called The Journal of Stories in Science. It’s common these days to hear that free online mega-courses, called MOOCs, failed to deliver on their promise of educating the masses.

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AV Technology Wins the 2018 Jesse H. Neal Award for Best Media Brand, Overall Editorial Excellence


The Neal Awards, produced by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA), honor editorial content excellence and are considered business journalism’s most important accolades. “I

Waterford Gets $20M+ Grant for Online Preschool. Its Critics Are Not Happy.


Founded in Utah in 2009, Waterford provides a program that mixes adaptive software for preschool-aged kids, along with child development training and check-ins for parents. In the world of education, some debates rage eternal. How much testing is too much?

Choosing personalized learning as a strategy for educational equity

The Hechinger Report

Some use online programs or software to give students access to content at their individual level , allowing them to move through lessons at their own pace. “Personalized learning” is among the most discussed initiatives in education today.

Don’t say there’s a lack of STEM talent in the South

The Hechinger Report

His “quiet and relentless advocacy brought hundreds of African Americans into space industry jobs in the Deep South, helping to shift perceptions of black people in ways both subtle and profound,” wrote Michael Fletcher in the story.

STEM 105

The New Design for School Networks

Software and services hosted in the cloud: First and foremost, by using cloud-based programs, schools don’t need to worry about having the staff and skills to maintain the programs. She started her career as a software engineer at NASA supporting Space Shuttle and Station Operations.

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