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Excite, expand, equitize: Using data to support reading

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Our overall objective was to expand access to literacy and use real-world data in curating and individualizing collections to better serve the needs of the district’s highly diverse student population. A priority was to give students seamless connection to the digital collections of the Lexington Public Library that serves our local area.

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Critical Guidelines for Ensuring Data Privacy in Districts

Data privacy, a multi-stakeholder priority for school systems, touches every aspect of operations. To provide safe learning environments, district leaders must stay abreast of data privacy regulations at the state and federal levels. Legal issues around data privacy can be overwhelming for the school community.


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5 Critical Guidelines for Student Data Privacy

More important, though, every piece of technology must adhere to the district’s student data privacy policies. While school counsel may have general knowledge of FERPA and other federal laws, most aren’t data privacy experts. If not, help them find a tool that meets the goal and complies with the school’s data privacy policy.

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Creating your virtual library (quickly) using Slides and Bitmojis)


And it is clear that the library must be the center of that experience. But, first, a little background: I’ve been playing around with building virtual school libraries for a very long time. I know, from the data we collected, that these interfaces were used, heavily used. website evolution. website evolution.

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Why federal-education partnerships are critical for cybersecurity

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The pilot program will provide schools and libraries with cybersecurity services and equipment. It will also allow the FCC to gather and analyze data on which cybersecurity services and equipment would best help K-12 schools and libraries address growing cyber threats and attacks against their broadband networks.

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Critical Steps for Safeguarding Data Privacy

Of course, there are technical aspects to protecting data, and as many schools have learned during the pandemic, district IT staff need to stay on top of evolving efforts to compromise systems. Based on CoSN’s “ Student Data Privacy: A School System Priority. However, it’s about the right data in the right hands.

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Inside a Student’s Hunt for His Own Learning Data


Institutions have access to more student data than ever before—but it's hard to really grasp what that means, since many of the digital tools that colleges use are from third parties or companies that keep their algorithms private. You had some experience in research and advocacy for privacy before you started there, while you were a student.

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