10 Tips for Awesome Digital Citizenship

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Penny Rayhill on episode 502 From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Tech Coach Penny Rayhill shares ten tips for awesome digital citizenship. Listen to Penny Rayhill share her 10 Tips for Awesome Digital Citizenship Listen to the show on iTunes or Stitcher Stream by clicking here. She is a Common Sense Digital Citizenship Certified Educator, Seesaw Ambassador, Apple Teacher, and Kanawha County Schools Apple Vanguard Coach.

How Technology Can Improve Digital Citizenship in K–12

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How Technology Can Improve Digital Citizenship in K–12. As technology is further integrated into the classroom, digital citizenship is an essential skill all students need to possess. . Earlier this year in a webinar from edWeb , Jeff Meyer, director of education at Learning.com, outlined the importance of ingraining digital citizenship in students at a young age, and listed some of the educational tools available to teachers for starting these lessons early.

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2019, I Resolve…

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I break it down into Edtech Coaching/Mentoring, Blogging , and Fiction Writing (my novel writing): Edtech Coaching/Mentoring. She is the editor/author of over a hundred tech ed resources including a K-8 technology curriculum , K-8 keyboard curriculum, K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum. New Years–a time for rest, rejuvenation and repair. A time to assess life.

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Building Good Relationships with Your Students’ Parents

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All Subjects Digital Citizenship Edtech Tool Tuesday Education High School Grades 9-12 (Ages 13-18) Kindergarten (ages 3-6) Middle / Junior High Grades 6-8 (Ages 10-13) Parents TeachersFrom the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Today’s parents like a different kind of communication. Student videos. Some information and not others.

Virtual Valentines and 2 Other Cool, Easy Collaborative Ideas for Teachers

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All Subjects Art and Music Teachers Digital Citizenship Edtech Tool Tuesday Education Elementary Grades 1-5 (Ages 6-10) Flat Classroom and Global Collaboration Get Connected (PLN Building) History and Social Sciences Teachers Innovation IT Coaches and Directors Kindergarten (ages 3-6) Lesson Plans Maker Movement Project Based Learning Social Emotional Learning Society and Ethics Students Teachers Web Tools

How to Talk to Your Students About the Deep Fake

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Computer Science Teachers Digital Citizenship Edtech Tool Tuesday Education Financial Literacy and Life Skills Flat Classroom and Global Collaboration Middle / Junior High Grades 6-8 (Ages 10-13) Students TeachersTeacher Chelsey Greer shares her technique From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter Videos can be faked just like pictures can be faked. Understanding this disturbing phenomenon is vital to the future of any stable country.

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ISTE 2018: New Standards for Leaders Focus on Equity, Digital Citizenship

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ISTE 2018: New Standards for Leaders Focus on Equity, Digital Citizenship. The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has released new standards for education leaders , which focus on equity, digital citizenship, team and systems building, continuous improvement and professional growth, the organization announced. That is not digital citizenship,” Culatta said. The 2019 conference will be held in Philadelphia June 23–26.

FETC 2019: Day One

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Not the driving rain or 50-degree temperatures could keep edtech enthusiasts from the opening day of FETC 2019 in Orlando. The edtech administrators, information technology, educator, early learning, and inclusion and special education tracks ensured that there was something for everyone. Edtech administrators and Edtech information technology administrators have many sleepless nights contemplating student data privacy and cybersecurity challenges in their districts.

10 Hits and 10 Misses for 2019

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Edtech Reviews. Here they are–my top 10 of 2019 (though I’ve skipped any that have to do with website reviews and tech tips because they’re covered in separate posts): Top Ten Hits. Digital Citizenship. Here are the Top Ten Misses of 2019 –posts I thought were great, but you-all didn’t visit as much. 33 Digital Exit Tickets That Fit Most Subjects.

CoSN 2019: How Teachers Can Revolutionize the Future of Education

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CoSN 2019: How Teachers Can Revolutionize the Future of Education. Today when we talk about education, we only talk about three things: the curriculum, the teacher and the assessments,” Zhao told attendees at the Consortium for School Networking’s 2019 annual conference keynote session, Envisioning the Skills Students Need: 2030. JOIN THE CONVERSATION: Follow @EdTech_K12 on Twitter for continued COSN 2019 coverage!

Most Popular EdSurge Podcast Episodes of 2019


How to Move From Digital Substitution to ‘Deeper Learning’. EdSurge sat down with one of the foremost experts on this topic: Marialice Curran, founder and executive director of the Digital Citizenship Institute. She argues that digital citizenship is less about a list of online dos and don’ts and more about promoting social responsibility and human connection. Will the Edtech Industry Pay Attention? Education is complicated.

Fantastic Apps I Use Every Day

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Here are some digital citizenship hyperdocs you can use of mine. 10-minute Teacher Show All Subjects Assessment Edtech Tool Tuesday Education Gsuite and Google Apps Innovation iPads Mac Productivity Teachers Tech Tips Technology ToolsFrom the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter I have picked five of my essential classroom tools. Pick one today to try with your students.

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Becoming Digital Citizens in the Classroom


Teaching students how to become digital citizens is essential as technology assumes a greater place in their lives. Learners with opportunities to think critically about what they see online; recognize the benefits and risks of sharing information; and balance screen time with other activities will become digitally aware and responsible. Co-developing an anchor chart with the teacher highlighting digital expectations, e.g., citing online resources, not surfing the internet in class.

How Tech Enhances Class Performance

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Although children are naturally becoming citizens of the digital world , for them to integrate fully and in a positive way in this new society, they still need guidance from teachers. A balanced approach is particularly useful when dealing with the potential negative effects of digital use, and especially social media. Teaching Strategies edtech

Top Edtech Classroom Tools


At Common Sense Education, the edtech reviewers have seen it all. And to help teachers navigate the plethora of materials for the digital classroom, Tanner Higgin, Director of Education Editorial Strategy at Common Sense Education, presented “ 50 Top Edtech Tools for the Classroom.” Zearn : This math tool effectively balances digital learning with classroom learning with peers, station work, and teacher-led lessons.

Educational Leadership for Social Good


Our teammate and Events Director, Al Thomas , a former principal himself, ran the Education Leaders Network Playground, which featured 28 sessions for leaders by leaders, and one session in particular stood out when we talked about it… a session called Leading EdTech Initiatives for Social Good by Jennifer Williams , author of Teach Boldly. The Goals Project : Join a team for the September 2019 global collaboration project! Leadership Digital Citizenship Social Emotional Learning

Understanding The Deep Fake: A Troubling Trend

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He is the author of several books on effectively using digital technologies to communicate and assess learning. His “ Mapping Media to the Curriculum ” book series and digital literacy framework focuses on helping students “show what they know” with media and create digital portfolios. He leads 3 day iPad Media Camps, STEM camps for teachers and students, and digital oral history workshops with Storychasers.

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100+ Ways to Use a Chromebook in the Classroom – SULS033

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Students can share these slides to create a digital word wall.” The platform gives teachers and administrators the flexibility to mix and match content from a growing number of open educational resources (OER), to digitize existing content, or to build their own. 19, 2019 , and will close on Dec. 3, 2019. (It Completely updated and redesigned for 2019! Shake Up Learning 2019.

Classroom collaboration: Learning together


Collaborative learning has been a common teaching method in classrooms for many years, the main changes have been in the tools that are used, with so many digital choices available. Read more: Can EdTech enable Social Emotional Learning (SEL)? However, adding in a digital tool does extend when and where learning happens. Another way to encourage students to engage in discussions is by offering some digital tools.

Tech Ed Resources–K-8 Tech Curriculum

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grade levels include base topics of keyboarding, digital citizenship, problem solving, digital tools for the classroom, and coding. K-8 Student Workbooks (digital only) are a great addition. There are a wide variety of webinars to address pedagogic and practical edtech topics. Available in print and/or digital as a single or multi-user license.

Edtech’s Blurred Lines Between Security, Surveillance and Privacy


With safeguarding students’ online and physical safety as a top priority, schools are leaning on a variety of digital services. Such a system raises concerns and questions for Doug Levin, founder of EdTech Strategies. Filters Are Not Failsafe When it comes to digital and online safety, schools often rely on web and social media monitoring tools. Think digital demerits and gold stars.)

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Subscriber Special: Great Price on Coaching

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Your kindergartners don’t know what ‘enter’, ‘spacebar’, ‘click’ or many other techie words mean but you need to teach them to keyboard, internet, and become digital citizens. You love being an edtech professional but what’s your career path? We’ll help you deliver on keyboarding, integrating tech into your curriculum, digital citizenship, Common Core, and more. May 28th-31st: Coaching or Mentoring. BOGO — Buy one month; get the second free.

12 key components of today’s digital classroom

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Most teachers today view edtech as an essential part of an increasingly digital classroom, and a new report from Common Sense sheds light on the role these edtech tools play in teaching and learning. Today, edtech tools are ubiquitous, and the rise of personal devices and anytime, anywhere access have changed how we consume and create. Twelve observations about today’s digital classroom. Digital citizenship is being taught in a majority of schools.

Subscriber Special: March

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March 10th-15th: the 56-page PDF, “25 Digital Tools for the Classroom” for free! “25 Digital Tools for the Classroom” is a thorough discussion on which are the most useful tools in a K-8 classroom, organized by grade level. This includes popular digital tools such as blogs, backchannel devices, vocabulary decoding tools, avatars, digital portfolios, digital note-taking, as well as others you may not have thought of.

3 Ways To Improve Student Success With Strong Course Design

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of learners (higher education and further education) believed that digital skills were crucial in their career but only about 50% believed that their course prepares them for it. Many now expect some form of digital technology and personalisation to be a part of any learning programme. So what are some key factors you should consider to maximise student success in your digital classroom? Having them collaborate online and ‘publish’ their projects on digital platforms (i.e.

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4 Steps towards digital wellness for students


As Oxford professors put it , “The debate over digital technology and young people needs less shock and more substance”. What is digital wellness? Why we need digital wellness in schools. Other issues that are related to this category are a lack of online safety and low digital literacy skills. While they might be using edtech safely, students might still be struggling with managing their time when interacting with technology at home.

Great Activities for the First Week of School

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I’ve also included a few general back-to-school activities with a digital spin to get you back into school quickly and agilely. Digital forms have become a go-to activity for polls, bell-ringers, exit tickets, quizzes, and more. This particular project uses HyperDocs but if you don’t have that digital tool, replace it with any number of other presentation tools or simply use Book Creator ‘s built-in presentation option.

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Its 2019. So Why Do 21st-Century Skills Still Matter?


Instead of relying on textbooks and teacher direction, these students had to think critically about unfolding events, collaborate with peers and adults, and make creative use of digital tools to communicate their ideas. In some communities, global citizenship rises to the top of the wish list of desired outcomes. ISTE Standards for Students highlight digital citizenship and computational thinking as key skills that will enable students to thrive as empowered learners.

Buncee and Immersive Reader: A Winning Combination for Assistive Learning

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While there are many digital tools to choose from when it comes to teaching and having our students create, Buncee’s versatility and ease-of-use make it a go-to tool for all creative needs. In his book, Digital Leadership , Eric Sheninger talks about the critical competencies needed by learners for success in today’s world. Buncee digital learning edtech Immersive Reader MicrosoftI am a huge fan of Buncee.

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

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I'm a firm believer that modeling appropriate digital citizenship using social media as a parent is one of the best ways to teach your child how to do likewise. Fortnite is one of the most popular digital games out there right now. This is a blueprint to share with children to help them think about what they are doing digitally through a discerning lens. Technology can be used to digitize things as we have always done or it can be used to change things forward.

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10 Hits and 10 Misses for 2018

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Edtech Reviews. 22 Digital Tools You Must Have in Your Classroom. She is the editor/author of over a hundred tech ed resources including a K-8 technology curriculum , K-8 keyboard curriculum, K-8 Digital Citizenship curriculum. Since we at Ask a Tech Teacher started this blog eight years ago, we’ve had over 5.3 million visitors to the 2,112 articles on integrating technology into the classroom.

Tech Helpful - Untitled Article

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Digital Citizenship Toolbox Yesterday, I had the opportunity to talk with third graders about digital citizenship. I love talking about digital citizenship with elementary students because it is such an easy age to influence them to be good digital citizens. This year I changed by “Digital Citizenship Toolbox” to have items that compliment the 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship.

STEAM Up Learning with 50 Fabulous Resources!

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Many of the missions in my new book, Hacking Digital Learning with Missions , are aimed at inspiring students to think critically, focus on questions versus answers, conduct hands-on research, and make a difference in the world with their innovations. Take them on walks exploring the nature around them.They can create digital books classifying rocks, identifying bugs, naming plants and potential uses, or capturing the sounds of various birds.

The Next Big Trends in #EdTech from @ISTE CEO Richard Culatta at #ISTE19

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Digital Citizenship: Student Style Dr. Marialice B. Curran and her twelve year old child, Curran Dee explained the importance of including students in the digital citizenship conversations, lessons, and use even before they are 13 years old. Curran Dee, Dr. Curran's son, explained that to learn about the digital world, kids need to be in it. Both are members of the ISTE digital equity network. A useful resource is the COSN Digital Equity Tookit.

Digital Literacy Programs Prepare Students for a Tech-Enabled Future

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Digital Literacy Programs Prepare Students for a Tech-Enabled Future. Because students are inevitably exposed to the online world, it is important that adults teach them how to be responsible digital citizens — to protect both themselves and their peers. MORE FROM EDTECH: Check out these top three elements of digital citizenship. MORE FROM EDTECH: Read more about how K–12 schools can design a digital citizenship curriculum.