Toward a Conceptual Framework for a Quality, Learning-Focused 1to1 Initiative

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In order to create a high performing, learning-focused 1to1 initiative, this is where to move the needle: Leadership skilled at building a high level of buy-in with educators, students and parents/community. Teachers focusing technology on learning more than devices & tools. Technology in support of learning. Leadership for change that successfully manages that change (especially implementing learning through technology at a high level).

Leadership Coaching and How Students and Teachers Benefit

Digital Promise

Recognizing that transformation, especially digital transformation, is complex and sometimes “messy,” Digital Promise is launching a second cohort of our Leadership Coaching program to support K-12 leaders working towards transforming learning in their districts through technology. The Digital Promise Leadership Coaching program is led by Dr. Cindy Elsberry, a retired superintendent with 12 years of experience, and a former member of the League. Blog Professional Services


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Transforming a School District’s Leadership and Literacy Instruction to Increase Equity

After becoming Superintendent, Dr. Goffney did a learning-and-listening tour of the district and spent additional time surveying staff members. The four key aspects of the new literacy program start with a systematic approach to teaching foundational skills based on the science of reading.

Michigan School Administrators’ Journey Toward Increased Equity and Inclusion

Work on developing culturally proficient communities during the previous decade has now led to the creation of a professional learning program designed to increase equity and inclusion during the 2020s, in collaboration with the Michigan Association of Superintendents & Administrators.

Edtech Data Improves Purchases and Student Performance

Evaluating the Evaluation Process. Administrators can consider factors such as whether the schools are urban, suburban, and rural, and how many students participate in Title I programs. edWeb Blog data edtech edtech evaluations Schoolwide Performance

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Good News from Our Nation’s Capital

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The district is in the middle of a digital equity revolution, being led by a particularly sharp Director of Education Technology and Library Programs, Dewayne McClary. limited data collection, limited program evaluation?, teacher professional development?,

Creating a Leadership Program for Your School

Yet, many schools and districts still have minimal programs—typically a student council—and tend to concentrate on the oldest grades. As with any school- or district-wide initiative, implementing a leadership program requires careful planning and communication. If the program stays the way it’s always been with a few cosmetic changes, then it’s not truly serving the entire community. Use empathy as part of your program design.

Three Ways That Rural States Can Become the Hotbeds for School Edtech Innovation


Technology has been a key component in the planting, fertilization, growth and eventually, the blossoming of new statewide initiatives including distance education and new professional learning opportunities for educators that have benefitted students in a variety of ways. It dates back to 2008, when an educational journey began in Wyoming that revealed the important role technology plays in enhancing teaching and learning—especially in a rural state.

Let Evidence Guide the Solutions to Student Absenteeism

For example, if people learn that their neighbors are spending less on energy, they are likely to reduce their energy use. Innovative programs require financial support. The Research Division is the internal hub in OPS for all things data, assessment, research, and evaluation.

5 Principles for Evaluating State Test Scores

The answer, of course, is to visit the school, talk to the staff and students, and observe the learning process. But as Mitch Slater, Co-Founder and CEO of Levered Learning, pointed out in his edWebinar “ A Little Data is a Dangerous Thing: What State Test Score Summaries Do and Don’t Say About Student Learning,” looking at data from one set of assessment scores without context is virtually meaningless. What’s the best way to know what’s going on in schools?

A Unified Approach for Digital Integration

For those at the forefront of digital integration at Vancouver Public Schools, it was frustrating to turn away new resources when they lacked a process for proper vetting, evaluation, and implementation. Vancouver Public Schools arrived at three teams to achieve the systematic approach they were looking for: Digital Advisory Team (DAT), Digital Integration Team (DIT), and Digital Evaluation Team (DET).