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Edtech Trends From 2020 And Beyond

Ask a Tech Teacher

I can tell from experience that it’s a prerequisite for a teacher to follow trends due to the fast-changing market and nuances of working with young professionals with a progressive mindset. 6 Edtech Trends to Keep an Eye On. Below you’ll find 6 tech trends that are must-have in 2020 and beyond. Personalize the process.

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8 EdTech Trends to Watch Out for This 2020

Ask a Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher contributor, Wally Clipper, has a great run-down on 8 trends you’ll want to watch in 2020: 8 EdTech Trends to Watch Out for This 2020. From digital certificates to learning analytics, here are eight EdTech trends to look forward to in the coming months. Video-assisted Learning.

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5 EdTech Trends Educators Need To Watch In 2019


From using YouTube to learning platforms , technology is increasingly enmeshed with the modern classroom. As education institutions fully embrace integrating technology in their pedagogy, here are 5 EdTech trends educators need to watch this year: Integrated Learning Solutions. Learning Analytics.

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How Can Learning Analytics Help Boost Student Success?

Kitaboo on EdTech

The solution for this is learning analytics. . To this end, let’s explore learning analytics and how it can boost student success in this blog. What is Learning Analytics? Learning analytics collects all the relevant information about students, revealing their strong and weak zones.

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It’s 2020: Have Digital Learning Innovations Trends Changed?


The Online Learning Consortium (OLC), one of the 12 partner organizations of Every Learner Everywhere, was charged with identifying and understanding innovations in the digital education landscape. To those working in higher education, some of the trends presented by the team may not have come as a surprise. We need to

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What are the 8 trends in education technology that will have a major impact in 2024?

eSchool News

Key points: Edtech is poised to guide students to success in 2024 Learn more about K-12 Tech Innovation News Discover Current Trends in Education In recent years, K-12 tech innovation news has spread the word about how edtech has witnessed transformative trends shaping the future of learning.

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Current Trends in Education

eSchool News

Key points: Current education trends point to personalization and accessibility Keeping up with current trends in education is essential for educators Learn more about K-12 Tech Innovation News In the dynamic landscape of K-12 education, several trends are shaping the way students learn and educators teach.

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