Chrome Can: QR Codes

Dr. Shannon Doak

QR Codes which is short for Quick Response Codes were first invented and used in the automotive manufacturing industry to help keep track of parts and shipment. However, now they are used in many industries.

Who’s Playing Matchmaker Between Students and Employers?


Competency Identification—new entrants that surface competencies via microcredentials, ePortfolios and competency-based assessments. Case studies or short courses—purpose-built short courses for specific industries or employers, allowing employers to view student work in real time. Courses can be as short as LearnUp’s 10-minute modules, or as long as Qubed’s 10-week certificate in fashion industry essentials.

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Week of May 15, 2011 - Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Blackboard Collaborate (Formerly Elluminate)

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

link] EPORTFOLIOS IN MAY: EPORTFOLIOS IN THE TRADES ( Australia Series ) Mon 16 May 06:00PM New York / Mon 16 May 10:00PM GMT / Tue 17 May 08:00AM Sydney Coach Carole. Eportfolio presentations from the hairdressing & building & construction industries; plus culinary arts & public health [link] SIGMS WEBINAR (TL Cafe) Mon 16 May 08:00PM New York / Tue 17 May 12:00AM GMT / Tue 17 May 10:00AM Sydney Gwyneth Jones.

Week of July 11, 2011 - Live and Interactive Webinars in Blackboard Collaborate (Formerly Elluminate)

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

During the 9th International ePortfolio & Identity Conference, 11-13 July 2011, a few presenters will be online to share their experiences in building and sustsaining eportfolio communities of practice in the UK and Australia: Sarah Chesney, Alison Felce and Emma Purcell will present:'' A Tribe Learning to Survive?

Week of April 17, 2011 - Live, Interactive, and Free Webinars in Elluminate

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

link] CAPTURING LEARNING AS IT HAPPENS: STREAMFOLIO IN EPORTFOLIOS ( Australia Series ) Thu 21 Apr 10:00PM New York / Fri 22 Apr 02:00AM GMT / Fri 22 Apr 02:00PM Sydney Coach Carole. A group of Northern NSW Community Colleges have been trialling the use of e-portfolios for RPL with medical receptionists and staff working in the aged care industry.