9 Steps for Choosing a Device

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Organize and map the core curriculum, resources, and assessments the district is currently utilizing. In a typical school structure, resource decisions are made in silos based on curriculum area, grade, or building level. Quite often, very few, if any, school leaders have a comprehensive understanding of what resources are in place system-wide. It’s essential that districts create a flexible budget model where underutilized resources are re-evaluated, and possibly eliminated.

Why Is This In My Room?- Starting the Year With EdTech


Part of being a well-equipped educator is knowing both how and when to use a variety of tools and resources to lead our students in becoming better learners. Tablet, Laptop, Chromebook, MP3 player. Hey, how’s your year starting?

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It’s New Year’s…Yeah, But…


One big thing that has changed at the school, in those five years, is that every student has a Chromebook that they take home. Our students have changed, our world has changed, our future is changed. So why not work together to create a better future for our students?

6 Edtech New Year’s Resolutions

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From Providence, Rhode Island to Phoenix, Arizona, I’ve had the privilege to travel and work with over 2,300 district leaders from almost 500 school districts over the past year through the Future Ready Initiative. Districts having success in this area have comprehensive refresh plans, work with high quality partners, build relationships with local businesses, work diligently to receive grants, and leverage a variety of open educational resources (OERs).

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3 New Tools to Support Your Digital Conversion

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Each January, thousands travel to Orlando, Florida to take part in the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC), one of the nation’s best edtech related learning opportunities for educators. In partnering with Neverware, McGraw-Hill Education, and SMART Technologies, Samsung unveiled and showcased new classroom collaboration tools for the Chromebook 3 – a much needed toolset to support 21st century teaching and learning opportunities. This post is sponsored by Samsung.

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How to Redesign the K–12 Media Center

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When classroom and media center design is “driven by the desire to create personal and authentic learning experiences for students,” it can move teaching practices forward, Tom Murray, the director of innovation for Future Ready Schools, recently told EdTech. .

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Is Your School "Future Ready"?

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In November of 2014, President Obama challenged district superintendents to sign the Future Ready Pledge. Department of Education , and the LEAD Commission is hosting Future Ready Regional Summits across the nation to provide support for those districts and to build a network of leaders. What does it mean to be a Future Ready School? It's important to recognize that the transformation from a traditional school to a Future Ready school is a process.

How Much Tech Support Is Enough

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Unfortunately, the above numbers always represented a significant increase in most district’s technical support staffing levels and sadly more telling, in my opinion even these levels really aren’t sufficient to properly support a Future Ready, 21st Century Learning Organization (also known as schools in the year 2015). Lower skill sets and higher complexity = slower responses, less adaptability and more support resources required.

Who Wants a Job

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Should we really be preparing kids for jobs we THINK will exist in the future? It’s impossible to predict what the future will look like but it IS possible to predict what skills our students will need to be prepared for jobs that might exist someday.