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The Center for Digital Education , formerly known as Converge, is a great site with lots of information about education and technology, including news, grants, product reviews, case studies, examples of digital education and much more. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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It tracks educational websites, blogs, forums, case studies and more. Follow me on Twitter and Google+. Education Eye is a unique site that curates new innovations and ideas to make it easier to find them. There are articles, links, resources, and much more.

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The site has resources about one-to-one programs, BYOD, digital content, reviews about technology, success stories and case studies, tips and ideas, webinars, educational technology news, and much more. Follow me on Twitter and Google+.

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Classroom Design Trends: Update Classroom Layout to Boost Engagement

ViewSonic Education

A landmark 2012 study found that classroom design alters academic progress over a school year by 25%. The study found five key design factors account for 73% of the variation in student performance. Features include instant polling, easy compatibility with Google apps.

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Leveling Up Language Learners’ 21st-Century Skills with Minecraft


We had been working for several weeks on a storytelling unit in my ESL classes in 2012. Students recorded these reflections on a Google Doc as a reference for the next time we played. And these discoveries were added to the student's Google Doc log so that descriptive or instructional language was captured and refined as necessary. Learning English in Minecraft: a case study on language competences and classroom practices. “Can we set the story in Minecraft?”

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Think universities are making lots of money from inventions? Think again

The Hechinger Report

Other universities look at those very few rare cases” and imagine they can also hit the invention jackpot, she said. billion of research in 2012, a resulting investigation found, produced less than $16 million in licensing fees, about one-tenth as much as rivals including Columbia and MIT.

Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Via The Atlantic : “An Israeli American Teen Has Been Arrested in the JCC Bomb Threats Case.” ” “How to Con Black Law Students: A Case Study” – Elie Mystal in The New York Times on a partnership between the HBCU Bethune-Cookman and the for-profit Arizona Summit Law School. Via Google’s blog : “ Howard University opens a new campus at the Googleplex.” Education Politics.