10 Great Tools for Creating High-Quality Educational Podcasts


In 2004, Ben Hammersley was the first person to use the word podcasting in an article for the Guardian. Free Tools & Resources Mobile Learning Resources Podcasting, Vodcasting, & Video Hosting Presentation tools podcasting teachers teachers podcast

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Shifting from Passive to Active Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Tom Murray and I shared this thought in Learning Transformed : Educational technology is not a silver bullet. As the technology continues to evolve, the conversation must remain focused on learning and pedagogy—not on devices. 2004 and McDermott et al.,

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Mobile gives the edge

Learning with 'e's

Smart mobile phones continue to disrupt our society. For everyone of us who own them, mobile phones are changing our lives, influencing our decisions about how we interact with each other, how we access and consume information, how we work, entertain ourselves and purchase our goods.

When Learning Goes Nomadic


How does higher education use mobile technology to teach? Normally our room is a progressive space, with all furniture on wheels, plenty of charging stations available, and multiple mobile screens (such as interactive whiteboards and screens reserved for videoconferencing).

50 Alternatives To Lecturing

TeachThought - Learn better.

Ed note: This post is promoted by SEU’s Master of Education program, who asked to write about how learning is changing, and let you know about their Master of Education and Educational Leadership program, which can you read more about here. ” (Prince 2004). Mobile learning.

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The Progression of our Lower School Technology Integration

Tech Helpful

This is the progression of technology integration at CCS lower school since I came on staff in January of 2004 as a part-time related arts computer teacher. I wanted them to learn that technology was a tool for their learning.

What's on the Horizon (Still, Again, Always) for Ed-Tech

Hack Education

The New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative have released the latest NMC Horizon Report for Higher Education. Of course, the Horizon Report dates back to 2004, so this is only a partial look back at its own history. Adaptive Learning Technologies.

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