AP Jeopardy Review – Let’s #ePortfolio That: Using @PearDeck, @Wacom Tablets, and @msOneNote #edchat


It’s definitely a huge inspiration behind my flipped classroom. So all in all, I was super pleased with this activity and will definitely use this format in future games we play. I think this activity is a perfect addition to my student’s ePortfolio, as the reflection piece was built right into the assignment.

Technology and Capstone Courses

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In this post, I will address each of these questions based on the definition of a capstone course at my current place of employment. BYOD Capstone Chromebooks Computational Thinking Creation Creativity ePortfolios Innovation Leadership My Thoughts STEM Visible Thinking

The Best App for Digital Portfolios in Primary Schools

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I searched for apps, went to conference presentations about ePortfolios and even tested a couple in the classroom, but never found one that suited my purpose. Overall, I will definitely be continuing to use Book Creator, and will recommend it to other schools.

AP Calculus Jeopardy Using @PearDeck + @Wacom Tablets + @msOneNote #edchat #mathchat


This is part 2 of documenting my “AP Calculus Jeopardy Review” If you didn’t catch part 1, check it out here: AP Jeopardy Review – Let’s #ePortfolio That: Using PearDeck, Wacom Tablets, and OneNote.

Top 100 Sites/Apps of 2014

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Voice Dream - The best text to speech app I have ever seen w/ an abundance of features such as: highlighting, definitions, bookmarking, and more. * WeLearnedIt - An excellent free iPad for the mobile classroom, ePortfolios, and Project Based Learning.

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2013 Global Education Conference Kicks Off Today - List of Sessions

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

10:00pm KEYNOTE: Kim Cofino - Adventures in International Education 11:00pm ePortfolios as Environments for Global Engagement, Deep Learning and Authentic Assessment - Betty Hurley-Dasgupta, Professor and HP Fellow “In today''s society, we no longer have to hold meetings in the confines of four walls, stay in expensive hotels, and nibble on gourmet food we can''t pronounce. I''m definitely sharing this with my colleagues and networks on this side of the planet.