12 Practical Tips for Remote Learning During School Closures – SULS057

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The post 12 Practical Tips for Remote Learning During School Closures – SULS057 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. While the world is battling the coronavirus, teachers and schools are scrambling to figure out what this home learning thing looks like. I’ve put together 12 practical tips for remote learning during school closures. Let’s share and collaborate to make the best of this situation. You will learn things from day one.

How can Teachers Increase Social Learning While Teaching Online?

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It’s becoming more common to take online classes or blend traditional with online learning. Ila Mishra, a specialist in both LMS and virtual classrooms, has this informative explanation of how teachers can increase their social learning while teaching online classes: Social Learning is defined as learning through observing behavior, attitudes, and outcomes of those behaviors. Institutions now use LMS software to deliver courses online.

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Great Ways to Use Interactive Maps in the Virtual Classroom

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You can create a personalized, interactive map to help students connect and collaborate through online learning. In addition, the tools are accessible and built to support the unique learning needs of ALL learners. I’ve had a great deal of success launching learning through the use of interactive maps and I’ve used them in a wide variety of learning activities. Learn to Create an Interactive Map.

Exploring new ideas: Student-driven remote learning


For many schools, it has been nearly two months of remote learning. Many schools around the world are facilitating remote learning for the remainder of this academic year and possibly longer, and we can take this as an opportunity to try new ideas. There are many opportunities that we can design which will promote flexibility in learning, help our students to develop a growth mindset, and foster better ways to collaborate and communicate. E-learning

PBL… Blended and eLearning – Part 1: Important Questions for the New School Year

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Regardless of your districts approach, now is a time to facilitate the student centered learning that Project Based Learning makes possible. I have some powerful online interactive workshops and webinars that can be used to engage learning in this new environment.

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What is Blended Learning? Tips from 3 Bett Speakers

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Over the past few years the education industry has been experiencing a shift away traditional learning environments. One of these practices is known as blended learning and the term that has been garnering some attention within the education industry as of late. But, what is blended learning? This video offers a good introduction to blended learning if you've never heard the term before. What is blended learning? Tips to use for blended learning.

Coronavirus eLearning Series… Ideas To Think About Now… Before Next Year: Idea 3…PD For The Next Level of eLearning

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While I know I may fall short in some ways, I do hope everyone can discover at least one idea that might help their school, parents and students as they take on this new challenge (opportunity) in learning. If anything, I have learned from experience and if I can help you at this time… please feel free to reach out. Read the article or watch the webinar. Planning Blended Learning for another year. Short term and long term goals for Blended Learning. [link].

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Nostalgia will NOT get my PhD finished….but it is a nice diversion

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Also, a couple of images are dead – in my excitement I posted images of the top of the cake which was spectacular – BUT the pics had faces of some girls in my class – and they asked me not to post them online (of course!). The PD model we started at this time has grown and developed since… and is still a large part of how I approach workshops and professional learning with teachers – and how Kim does as well.

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