10 Awesome Courses To Improve Your Online Classroom

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In a flipped classroom, students watch lectures and other lesson content on video. Afterward, during the actual class time, students work on problems with their teacher’s help. Feedback using your formative and summative assessment tools is also essential.

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Universal Design for Learning and Blended Learning: Engagement

Catlin Tucker

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework that is based on a scientific understanding of how people learn. The goal of UDL is to design “barrier-free, instructionally rich learning environments and lessons that provide access to all students” (Nelson, 2).


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21 Top Professional Development Topics For Teachers Now

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They fit into the categories of SEL, digital instruction, engagement/management, and leadership. To better relate, we have to understand where students are emotionally so that we can connect with them , get them any extra help they might need, and move them forward. Online Assessment.

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Blended Learning: Designing with Balance in Mind

Catlin Tucker

I am concerned about the impact that the imbalances in education have on teacher engagement and job satisfaction. So, students should do the heavy cognitive lift of making meaning and applying their learning. Students must share the responsibility for learning.

Multiple Choice

Digital Promise

One of the key elements of the curriculum-design approach known as Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is student engagement — creating opportunities for students to become engaged and stay motivated, to believe that what they’re learning is important, and to feel capable in their learning. a vibrant and accessible teaching guide packed with strategies for implementing Common Core standards using UDL. Among the many action points in UDL Now!

UDL 120

Curriculum Associates Launches Magnetic Reading to Help Students Build Confidence While Mastering Critical Reading Skills

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New supplemental reading program for Grades 3–5 engages students with grade-level content using culturally relevant texts. Magnetic Reading works seamlessly with i-Ready® Assessment, which provides data-driven insights about each student’s skill level.

UDL 79

Power Up Your Virtual Classroom with FREE Online PD

Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners

At 3:00, I’ll be presenting back-to-back sessions designed to help educators uncover the power of the virtual classroom to increase student engagement and maximize instructional time. . Learn to embrace e-portfolios to empower students as stakeholders in their own learning.

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Part 3: Tech Resources and Tools for Differentiated Learning … Writing Process

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

One deals with the actual writing process and the others provides tools and resources for various writing opportunities and student engagement In this post I will deal the first concept and the following posts will explore that wide range of writing and engagement opportunities. I believe that the DI classroom must provide students some self autonomy when participating in the writing process. This tool is geared toward middle school and high school students.

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April 22 Learning Revolution Mini-Conference: Emergency Remote Teaching & Learning: Survive, Thrive, & Plan for What Comes Next

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

SESSIONS: ENGAGING ONLINE LEARNERS (60 minutes) 10:00 AM US-Eastern Daylight Time Click here to see the time in your own time zone Motivating students to learn can be a challenge. How do we hold their attention, develop their abilities, and engage them in the online forum?

Wednesday's "Emergency Remote Teaching & Learning" Mini-Conference - New Sessions Added

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Bell 5:00 PM A 7-step Plan to Improve Your Online Learning Program for Maximum Student Engagement (60 minutes) with Ernie Delgado 8:00 PM Learning and Leading During Emergency Remote Teaching (60 minutes) with A.J. He likes the results a lot, and his students do, too.