Learning Styles: Fact or Fiction? What This Decades-Old Theory Can Teach Us


2] Whether the evidence points for or against learning styles, however, this theory can remind us that some students may need individualized instruction or resources to best help them learn. How to Shift from Learning Styles to Differentiated Instruction.

One District's Journey From 'State of Emergency' to Student Success


In a conversation with EdSurge, Gilmore—who became Allendale’s superintendent a year ago—discusses how she is turning around her district, and outlines her six-step instructional process that drives teacher and student success. performing formative assessments.

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How To "Amp Up" Your Traditional Lesson Planning in Today's Classrooms


However, how am I really connecting with other professionals to collaborate, share, and think more deeply about my instructional practices? After reading Ross's post on formative assessment , I knew I had to do something different regarding how I was using digital resources in our class.

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On building learning playlists


I create little magazines of continually updated outside reading beyond our texts for my grad students offering them opportunities to explore and contribute. They can include interactive elements and assessments of progress. Have them create original content and assessments as well.

200 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

I plan on providing sessions that integrate PBL with STEM, Makers, Differentiated Instruction, Inquiry, Deeper Learning, and Technology Integration. How about comparing a newspaper, novel, or a magazine. Make word clouds of a newspaper or magazine article for a current event.

Five Ethical Considerations For Using Virtual Reality with Children and Adolescents


It might also have a big impact on social emotional learning (SEL), as VR’s unique ability to produce empathy recently led Wired magazine to explore its potential as “ the ultimate empathy machine ”. The tragic events of Sept.

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