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5 Critical Guidelines for Student Data Privacy

More important, though, every piece of technology must adhere to the district’s student data privacy policies. While school counsel may have general knowledge of FERPA and other federal laws, most aren’t data privacy experts. Responsible, responsive privacy administration and management mitigates RISK.

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The Keys to Discussing Student Data Privacy

Despite universal concerns about student data privacy, communicating school policies can quickly overwhelm school leaders. CoSN has stepped in with guidance for superintendents and principals to help them with several aspects of student data privacy, including best practices for informing the community.


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Critical Guidelines for Ensuring Data Privacy in Districts

Data privacy, a multi-stakeholder priority for school systems, touches every aspect of operations. Therefore, assessing privacy and compliance policies and practices related to the systemwide use of technology is a continual priority. Legal issues around data privacy can be overwhelming for the school community.

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Critical Steps for Safeguarding Data Privacy

Of course, there are technical aspects to protecting data, and as many schools have learned during the pandemic, district IT staff need to stay on top of evolving efforts to compromise systems. But that’s just one part of guarding student information. Based on CoSN’s “ Student Data Privacy: A School System Priority.

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World Backup Day March 31st: Student data security


The increasing rate of students’ digital information being exposed can be, in part, chalked up to a lack of formal training and establishment of cybersecurity policies across educational institutions. Cybercriminals using stolen student information can cause serious long-term issues and often go unnoticed. What are the risks.

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Will New York Do the Right Thing on Facial Recognition in Schools?

Doug Levin

For those who care about the evolving terrain of student data privacy and civil liberties issues in schools, you may know that the actions of Lockport (NY) Public Schools – and their defiance of the advice of the New York State Department of Education – have become a defining case. No Description.

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Micro-credentials and COVID-19: Supporting Professional Learning When Schools are Closed

Digital Promise

Student data privacy should not be a victim to tumultuous times. Schools and districts can use the resources in CoSN’s Student Data Privacy micro-credential stack to evaluate online providers for their data privacy practices and communicate with parents and guardians.