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How does an intelligent learning platform help teachers create a truly personalized learning environment?


Modern edtech such as an intelligent learning platform (ILP) can help you achieve this by creating a personalized learning environment. . Personalized learning is currently emerging as one of the biggest trends in education. What is personalized learning? Students’ individual learning goals.

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Learning Analytics 2018 – An updated perspective

IAD Learning

Learning analytics has been a hot topic for a while in the education industry. Not by chance, learning analytics and all its related technologies (measuring learning, artificial intelligence, adaptive learning, personalized learning, etc.) Let’s discuss these components one by one.


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School of Me: Letting students study what they want, when they want is the latest education trend

The Hechinger Report

A fifth grader works on a digital lesson as part of a blended learning program. Photo: Meghan E. They decided to “personalizelearning for every child, which means that they tailored lessons to each student’s needs, interests and learning pace. What is personalized learning?

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Pearson CEO Fallon Talks Common Core, Rise of ‘Open’ Resources

Marketplace K-12

If you look at Connections Academy, the schools are incredibly popular with parents…[We measure the extent to which parents recommended our online programs among each other] and it receives an incredibly high rating.” And it takes time. If it doesn’t, it won’t, and it won’t deserve to.

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65 ways equity, edtech, and innovation shone in 2022

eSchool News

As we wrapped up 2020, we thought for sure that 2021 might bring us a reprieve from pandemic learning. Virtual and hybrid learning continued into the spring, but then classrooms welcomed back students for full-time in-person learning in the fall. Well, it did–but it also didn’t. billion by 2022.

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The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

Hack Education

“To Save Students Money, Colleges May Force a Switch to E-Textbooks,” The Chronicle of Higher Education reported in 2010. The story examined a proposed practice: “Colleges require students to pay a course-materials fee, which would be used to buy e-books for all of them (whatever text the professor recommends, just as in the old model).”

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

Via Techcrunch : “ Nickelodeon gets into e-books with new reading app for kids, Nick Jr. Education Week has a Q&A with Stanford professor Larry Cuban on personalized learning and progressive education. Via : “Directory of Vendors of Online Learning Products and Services.”