Sun.Mar 20, 2022

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Level Up Your Leadership

A Principal's Reflections

Like most kids, past, and present, I loved playing video games. During my very early years, Atari was the best and only option. My parents eventually bought an Apple IIe where we needed to use floppy disks to load any meaningful content, which added to our gaming experience.

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Video Game-Based Learning: How To Teach With Portal 2

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As they are learning, give students the opportunity to articulate their thought process of how they came up with their solution to a puzzle. The post Video Game-Based Learning: How To Teach With Portal 2 appeared first on TeachThought. Critical Thinking STEM Veteran Teacher Video Games

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Literacy for Students with Special Needs


Students with special needs face a particular challenge in middle school. Literacy is crucial to understanding academic content, and for many, literacy is a weakness. Blackburn and Witzel offer strategies to help them see patterns, read fluently, and comprehend information.