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6 ways to bolster STEM education for the future

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STEM education would emphasize problem-solving, interdisciplinary approaches and the value of discovery and play, according to a new 10-year vision from the American Institutes for Research for the U.S. Department of Education’s STEM Initiatives Team. Next page: The 6 components of future STEM education.

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North Carolina’s Hoke County Schools Launches New Partnership with Discovery Education to Create Modern and Innovative Learning Environments Supporting Science Instruction

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To support the district’s new 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, which specifically focuses on improving the school system’s capacity to create modern and innovative learning environments, HCS sought to enhance their science curriculum across all grades. We look forward to continuing to build on this powerful relationship.”.

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New Bill Could Bring CS Programs to 500K JROTC Students—and Diversify the Future Workforce


By 2026, the U.S. And while 58 percent of projected STEM jobs are computing related, only 10 percent of STEM degree recipients are in computing fields. Though growing rapidly, access to rigorous computer science and cybersecurity preparation in U.S. Department of Labor projects there will be 3.5

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Jobs in cybersecurity are exploding: Why are women locked out?

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will grow 28 percent by 2026. will grow 28 percent by 2026. For example, 54 percent of women majoring in STEM fields concentrate in biological and life sciences, which are among the majors with the lowest-paying career prospects, but only 17 percent select majors in the more lucrative field of engineering. are filled by women.

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Data literacy skills: what they are and how do we teach them to our students?


We have access to more information than ever before. Over the past couple of years, STEM skills have increased in demand in the workplace. million jobs that require STEM skills. As the world has dealt with transitions in how we live, learn, and work, everyone has had to adapt in one way or another.

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How to Introduce Engineering Principles Early to Help Inspire Interest in STEM


This story about STEM education was produced by The Hechinger Report , a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education. I found a civil engineering unit on building bridges and thought that would be accessible to all.”. Sign up for our newsletter. QUINCY, Wash. —

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How to build an engineer: Start young

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Some, like the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program , have been inordinately successful at guiding underrepresented students, including many young women, from middle school algebra through to a college degree in a STEM subject. Related: Alaska Native students pursue STEM with great success. The Bureau predicts we will need 10.6

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