Sun.Aug 07, 2022

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Identifying the Best Supports for Personalization

A Principal's Reflections

We know for a fact that everyone learns differently. While a one-size-fits-all approach served its purpose for some of us, it doesn’t meet the diverse needs of kids today. It also doesn’t provide teachers and administrators with valuable insight on how to best support learners no matter where they are in relation to standards and critical competencies.

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Step Up Your Syllabus – Hyperlink the Fun

Teacher Tech with Alice Keeler

Step up your syllabus and make it more fun by creating your syllabus in Google Slides™. Hyperlink help direct parents and students to the important information. The post Step Up Your Syllabus – Hyperlink the Fun appeared first on Teacher Tech.

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Best Teacher Supplies for Classroom (on Amazon)

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

The purpose of today's post is to share with you this collection of some of the best selling Amazon teacher supplies to use in your classroom. These supplies are arranged into various categories but I have only featured categories that are most relevant to us practicing teachers. Each category contains several products. Browse through the collections, pay attention to product ratings and make sure you read consumer comments before you make any purchase.

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5 Civic Education Steps to Preserve Democracy


If we do not invest more of our school time and resources in creating well educated citizens, there will be dire consequences. Educators Shawn McCusker and Tom Driscoll offer educators five steps to make civic education more meaningful and help contribute to a healthy democracy. The post 5 Civic Education Steps to Preserve Democracy first appeared on MiddleWeb.

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Behind the Bell: The Underlying Impact of Tardiness in K-12 Schools

Managing a K-12 campus with constant pressure to meet performance metrics is challenging. And tardiness can significantly limit a school from reaching these goals. Learn more about why chronic lateness matters, and key strategies to address the following impacts: Data errors caused by manual processes Low attendance and graduation rates that affect a school’s reputation Classroom disruption, which leads to poor academic performance High staff attrition and “The Teacher Exodus” Unmet LCAP goals t

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8 Great Beds for Kids—Let there be Sleep!

Fractus Learning

Table of Contents Many students, groups, and children have more ideas than the principal for teacher compliments. A child having personal problems would never look at complimenting the teacher as an opportunity. idea – means Ways To Compliment Classroom Teachers Best Teaching Compliments From Parents To Teachers Simple, But Authentic Compliments Thanking The Teaching Profession Best Compliment For Teachers' Impact On A Student Compliments for Teachers from Students Expand On Thank You

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Graphic Design for Educators

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Graphic Design helps us present in more interesting ways, teach better, and communicate better. Not only do educators need to understand effective graphic design, we need to teach it. Sadie Lewis helps educators understand and teach graphic design in this quick, helpful show full of graphic design resources for educators.

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