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7 Principles of a Heart Centered Classroom


Educator and author Regie Routman considers heart-centered principles that can help us go a long way to ensure that what we do and are asking our students and loved ones to do will result in personal and professional growth, gratitude, generosity, and even sparks of greatness. The post 7 Principles of a Heart Centered Classroom first appeared on MiddleWeb.

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TEACHER VOICE: Students deserve classroom experiences that reflect their history

The Hechinger Report

Students gather once a month at my high school for what we call “equity lunch chats” with teachers and administrators. The students ask about many topics, including tardy policies, access to athletics and clubs, and even treatment by deans and security. Their questions give the adults like me in the room a glimpse into their world. But no matter how the conversation starts, the students — nearly half of whom are Black, Asian, Hispanic or multiracial — often come back to complaints about the lack

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Should AI have a face?

Knowledge Avatars K-12

Should AI have a face? Emiliano for E… Sun, 04/14/2024 - 19:55 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly evolving, increasingly moving from merely responsive entities to more proactive entities that aid us in a multitude of tasks. AI's growth is perhaps most noticeable in the form of virtual assistants and companion bots, such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Replika.

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‘Too little, too late’: What’s changed (and hasn’t) after scrutiny on debunked reading method

The Hechinger Report

This podcast, Sold a Story, was produced by APM Reports and reprinted with permission. There’s an idea about how children learn to read that’s held sway in schools for more than a generation – even though it was proven wrong by cognitive scientists decades ago. Teaching methods based on this idea can make it harder for children to learn how to read.

Report 103
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Enhancing School Device Management for Improved Learning

Schools face increasing challenges as technology becomes integral to education. Efficient device management is essential for maximizing technology use and safeguarding investments. Our article discusses the importance of tracking devices, outlines current challenges, and suggests modern solutions that go beyond traditional methods like Excel. Learn how advanced tracking systems can streamline operations, improve maintenance, and offer real-time updates for better resource allocation.

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Integrating Generative AI within Emerging Learning Theories

Dr. Shannon Doak

Background Many moons ago, while I was in the process of getting my Masters degree, I wrote, “ Emerging Theories of Learning and the Role of Technology ” as a chapter in a class eBook. In this chapter, I delved into how modern technological advancements are redefining the educational landscape. The chapter addressed the evolving needs of today’s students and the crucial role technology plays in developing essential 21st-century skills.

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Cómo un distrito ha diversificado sus clases de matemáticas avanzadas — sin controversia

The Hechinger Report

Translated by Lygia Navarro Read in English TULSA, Okla. — Amoni y Zoe esparcieron el contenido de una bolsa de sándwich llena de caramelos de frutas sobre sus escritorios como parte de una lección de matemáticas sobre proporciones. “¿Qué significa tener el 50 por ciento?” preguntó su maestra, Kelly Woodfin, a los alumnos de sexto grado en su clase de matemáticas avanzadas.

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