Sun.Mar 31, 2024

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World Backup Day

Ask a Tech Teacher

World Backup Day–March 31st Every Year March 31st is called World Backup Day. At least once a year, I remind you to backup your data files to an external drive (like a flash drive). This is one that isn’t connected to your local computer so can’t be compromised if you get a virus. It’s good to always backup data to cloud drives or a different drive on your computer but once a year, do the entire collection of data files to what is called an ‘air gap’ drive–one that is separated from any interne

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OPINION: Artificial intelligence can be game-changing for students with special needs

The Hechinger Report

Much has been made of artificial intelligence’s potential to revolutionize education. AI is making it increasingly possible to break down barriers so that no student is ever left behind. This potential is real, but only if we are ensuring that all learners benefit. Far too many students, especially those with special needs, do not progress as well as their peers do academically.

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5 Questions to Help Kids Become Critical Readers


Marilyn Pryle's five crucial questions help students become critical readers in the Age of Disinformation as they learn to look more deeply into any text, in any form, and see the influences around it, the voices and sponsors, the craft and rhetoric, the intent and message. The post 5 Questions to Help Kids Become Critical Readers first appeared on MiddleWeb.

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‘It was the most unfair thing’: Disobedience, discipline and racial disparity

The Hechinger Report

TOLEDO, Ohio – The sound of his teacher smacking his desk jolted Marquan into consciousness, and his head jerked up. “Wake up,” his teacher said. Marquan hadn’t slept much the night before, and the words came out before he was fully coherent. “Watch out before you make me mad,” he said. His teacher turned and asked if that was a threat. The 16-year-old said no, he was just startled, but it was too late – he was sent out of the classroom and given a two-day suspension.

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Quickly Create Personalized Learning Experiences that Work

How can we actively engage learners 24/7, on their level and according to their interests, while respecting their learning styles? It’s not impossible. In this guide: Explore how to transform traditional, one-way videos into two-way interactive learning experiences Understand different types of artificial intelligence (AI), including - Generative vs.

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Hide All Tabs – Google Sheets

Teacher Tech with Alice Keeler

Have a lot of tabs in your Google Sheets spreadsheet? Here is how to hide all tabs at once, quickly. The post Hide All Tabs – Google Sheets appeared first on Teacher Tech with Alice Keeler.

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Simple & Stress-Free After School Schedule for Kids of All Ages


Have you ever found yourself at a loss about how to manage the chaotic hours after school ends and before bedtime begins? I’ve been there. The afternoons used to be a blur of snacks, homework complaints, and the constant battle to limit screen time, leaving both me and my kids frazzled by dinner. That’s when […] The post Simple & Stress-Free After School Schedule for Kids of All Ages first appeared on SplashLearn Blog.

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