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Education in the Era of COVID-19: Why Connection Matters

Digital Promise

With digital learning likely to stretch into the fall due to COVID-19, how can we ensure every student has equitable access to powerful learning opportunities? The crisis has shone a harsh light on the digital divide in the United States, surfacing thoughtful debate and long-overdue discussion around the equity gap.

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A guest post from AASL’s Banned Websites Awareness Day Committee


Its purpose is to raise awareness of how overly restrictive Internet filtering can impede student learning by blocking access to legitimate educational websites and participatory learning tools (including social media). Establish a digital repository of Internet filtering studies. Develop a toolkit for school leaders.

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AI in the Classroom: A Complete AI Classroom Guide

The CoolCatTeacher

So when you're looking at giving some feedback on what you're doing and asking ChatGPT or another Chatbot, you know, to look at this and how would you rate this? And I think we've got a lot of lessons to learn from how we've kind of dealt with social media over the last ten years.

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Why the Education Expenses are Rising and How to Deal with it?

Evelyn Learning

Today’s generation is inclining more toward becoming social media influencers, stock market traders, etc. A classroom has become an e-classroom, with tablets on each and every desk. A lot of problems are going around related to social-economic aspects, historical aspects, digital divide, etc.

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A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 11 Edition)

Doug Levin

The partnership aims to bridge the digital divide in Pittsburg by offering parents refurbished computers free of charge. If it’s free to play with, and easy to learn about through communities working to improve the open source code, the assumption is that more people (and younger people) will start to get interested in working with AI.

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10 Edtech people to watch in 2018 [INFOGRAPHIC]


Thanks to — or because of — technology change happens at a faster rate than ever before, and education makes no exception. As the Executive Director of ICWE , Rebecca Stromeyer has been a champion of e-learning for decades, organizing some of the world’s most popular education events: OEB Global and eLearning Africa. Rebecca Stromeyer.

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The 100 Worst Ed-Tech Debacles of the Decade

Hack Education

Again and again, the media told stories — wildly popular stories , apparently — about how technology industry executives refuse to allow their own children to use the very products they were selling to the rest of us. The implication, according to one NYT article : “the digital gap between rich and poor kids is not what we expected.”

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