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An ePortfolio is a collection of student work that is used to document effort, progress, and achievement over time. ePortfolios are powerful tools for authentic assessment because they require teachers and students to dig deeper than a multiple choice test.

How to Create Powerful Student ePortfolios with Google Sites

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The post How to Create Powerful Student ePortfolios with Google Sites appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Let’s Talk About How to Create Powerful Student ePortfolios with Google Sites! Google Sites is the perfect tools for you and your students to create ePortfolios.

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Encourage Students to Reflect on Their Growth with This Free Slides Portfolio Template

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I’ve also included information about how I assessed the portfolio. I assess the following criteria: Work Examples and Reflections- The student attaches accessible examples of their work which meets the requirements and criteria. “We do not learn from experience.

It’s Not About Google (Part 4) – SULS047

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We are going to talk about classroom strategies to help you give students a global audience for their work, meaningful connections with outside classrooms and experts, and how student portfolios can support student learning even after it has been assessed.

Digital Badges: credentialing the things that make us fully human

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It is not a replacement for assessment. npinkard talked about learning deserts and how digital badging can help us better leverage a youth ecosystem to meet students where they are at (school, community, home, after school, etc.)

5 Tips for Using Google Apps to Go Paperless

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Forms can also help administer assessments or gauge student or staff interest on a particular topic. Share Calendars to avoid meeting conflicts. Sites can also be a great place to manage student ePortfolios.

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Ask questions, meet our team, and see education re-imagined. A fresh approach to assessment- Explore the goals of assessment and how we’ve re-thought assessment. Innovative uses of technology and ePortfolios. We can’t wait to meet you all in person!

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Homework, assessments, projects. Administrative support is essential, such as building time into school hours for teachers to meet. Through this strategy and the constant connection with students, Wilson feels that students have become stronger at self-assessment.

Teaching with the Growth Mindset

According to Briggs, the portfolios, coupled with the growth mindset, do more than help students meet their learning goals. The portfolio and assessment platform helps educators, parents, and students have deeper conversations about learning.

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Source: NYSCATE After three days of sessions and keynotes, kiosks and meet-ups, it was more clear than ever that educators are feeling they have the necessary tools to invigorate the learning potential of their students.

Personalized Learning Plan Skills Template

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This works as a pre-assessment and also for portraying the learning that happened to the class as a whole. I'd love to hear back if anyone tries this or has a different idea for meeting this goal

The Intersection of Project Share, BYOD, and PBL #SXSWedu


Rebecca King , Director of Teaching and Learning 9th Grade Academy students are all using Project Share for eportfolios. Decides on what will be assessed at the end and how it will be assessed. Multiple formative assessments - Ex: exit tickets, I have/who has - performed throughout the project. Students also assess each other and teacher takes that into consideration.


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EPORTFOLIOS COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE: THE TRIALS 2010 (THE AUSTRALIA SERIES) Mon 29 Nov 08:30PM New York / Tue 29 Nov 01:30AM GMT / Tue 29 Nov 11:30AM Sydney Coach Carole. Data and results will be shared from the 2010 Eportfolio Implementation Trials. link] CONCERNS ABOUT STUDENT’S ASSESSMENT. We will try to clear up the misunderstandings about the procedure and the role of student’s assessment. Grace is what love does and is when it meets the sinful and undeserving."

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We’ll talk about how to choose STEM learning tools and how to use them to meet your classroom needs. Saturday, September 13th at 12pm CR20 LIVE Weekly Show - Career Development Student Livebinders - Top 10 ePortfolio Livebinder Winner! The Learning Revolution Weekly Update September 10th, 2014 The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.

2013 Global Education Conference Kicks Off Today - List of Sessions

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Assessing Quality, Academic Rigor, and Innovation. 10:00pm KEYNOTE: Kim Cofino - Adventures in International Education 11:00pm ePortfolios as Environments for Global Engagement, Deep Learning and Authentic Assessment - Betty Hurley-Dasgupta, Professor and HP Fellow “In today''s society, we no longer have to hold meetings in the confines of four walls, stay in expensive hotels, and nibble on gourmet food we can''t pronounce.

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link] EPORTFOLIO COMMUNITY OF PRACTICE Thu 28 Oct 07:00PM New York / Thu 28 Oct 11:00PM GMT / Fri 28 Oct 09:00AM Sydney Coach Carole. Career Portfolio Manitoba is a pilot project whose vision is to use Essential Skills developed through all forms of learning as a key framework for helping Manitobans build ePortfolios for employability. It uses Mahara as its open source ePortfolio platform, working in tandem with Moodle, the open source learning management system.