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Differentiated math instruction using Front Row: adaptive math for K-8 classrooms!


It’s great to see this dynamic in which students are not only using technology to learn, but they’re helping each other out in real life. The iPad version has a whiteboard like educreations that the students can use to do math right in the app.

An Educator's Challenge! iPads in an Elementary Classroom


Using technology everyday and teaching others about it is my passion. Each year, I am seeing more and more students entering elementary school with technology knowledge greater than ever before. Here are some easy ways for getting started with iPads in your elementary classroom.

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Screencast Tools to Demonstrate Student Learning

Teacher Reboot Camp

With this kind of technology students can explain their own thinking when solving word problems, create a video tutorial demonstrating how to use an app or web tool, label and explain a diagram, or create instructional videos. Part of the December 2019 STEM Resources Digital Calendar !

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How to Craft a Learner-Centered Classroom – Guest Post from Ann Feldmann


How can we craft learning environments that take advantage of technology to help students become independent, engaged, and reflective of their work? Having technology is just one important piece. Using technology for whole group instruction and formative assessment.

Notes from Leadership for the Digital Age with Alan November - Day 2


Number one skill for being successful in learning: the ability to self-assess. When focusing on 1:1, iPads, etc: Focus on teaching teachers to give better feedback and students to self-assess instead of the technology. Integrate the technology into core content PD.

Favorite Tech Tools For Social Studies Classes


She used to teach social studies, but is now the K-12 Technology Integrationist and Instructional Coach at Rock Valley Community Schools in Iowa. She emphasizes that, as with any classroom technology, teachers need to be careful not to just substitute a tech tool for an analog one.

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