How AR and VR Prepare Students for Jobs of the Future (and Save Districts Money)


So, we did an internal study of what is out there, what would be a good fit, what kind of industry-supported curriculum was available, what gives us the most utility. Whether you’re post-secondary or secondary, you have access to that money. Research and case studies about using AR/VR in education. Imagine a high school student in your district.

Schools and Colleges Try Virtual Reality Science Labs. But Can VR Replace a Cadaver?


When Case Western Reserve University launches a new health education campus with the Cleveland Clinic next year, one feature will be conspicuously absent. Microsoft's partnership with Pearson includes HoloChemistry for primary, secondary and college students, and HoloPatient for nursing students. Case Western Reserve and Cleveland Clinic created HoloAnatomy with Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality technology.

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How AR and VR Can Inspire Innovation—and Boost College and Career Readiness


To have access to high paying careers in the future requires some type of post-secondary education. Research and Case Studies About Using VR and AR in Education. VR Automotive Expert Career & TechnicalA 3D interactive study guide for automotive training. At 17 years old, Christine Johns sat in a university classroom surrounded by men and women who were devastated as Pittsburgh's steel industry collapsed around them.

OPINION: We can’t afford not to supply school-based healthcare

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Related: In New Orleans, a case study in how school, health care decentralization affect neediest children. While numbers have grown over the years, among the 125,000 plus primary and secondary schools in the U.S.,

For two states, the digital transition requires an overhaul of the process

School leaders must sit back and wait for a decision, and materials are approved on case-by-case basis. Alison is an experienced secondary school English teacher, a Florida native and a graduate of the Florida State University.

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What is Blended Learning? Tips from 3 Bett Speakers

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Pupils can continue their studies away from the classroom using the environment too. Dr. Neelam Parmar; Director of E-learning for Primary & Secondary Schools. This helps to promote independent study and develops an entirely new learning environment for students.