22 Top Tips for Better Classroom Management

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While I won’t claim to ever be perfect, I have learned so much over the last seventeen years. If this post helps some of you avoid the mistakes I learned early on, then it will accomplish its purpose! When I asked what she’d done, he described how she had them draw their personal seal that would include some of the things they love. I work to reinforce the paperwork flow so we can focus on learning. We have to peacefully cooperate and learn together.

Teaching isn’t Rocket Science – It’s Way More Complex

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For $295, this all-inclusive event (except for hotel and travel) is an amazing opportunity to learn. And even though teachers have tried to differentiate to more personalized instruction, the federal mandated testing has forced teachers to prepare every kid in their cohort for the same tests every year. If every student learned as fast as they possibly could, they’d all move at different paces, and accomplish things as quickly as they can.

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Inventionland: A Transformational Design Course

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Mandy talks about how the course is structured, gives a story of how students are being transformed, and shares how they are re-working the course based on what they learned the first year. If you’re teaching design or making, you can learn from this show. You know – it changed him as a person. What I loved about the course was that it was personalized, right out of the gate. Student inquiry-based learning can help students buy into what they’re doing.

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3 Ways to Lead Project-Based Learning

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Erin Murphy, the co-author of Hacking Project Based Learning , talks about leading project-based learning. Hacking Project Based Learning Book Giveaway. Enhanced Transcript. ­­­­Leading Project Based Learning. Vicki: So today we’re thinking about leading project-based learning. Erin Murphy @MurphysMusings5 is co-author of Hacking Project-Based Learning , and she’s an assistant principal. This company has no impact on the editorial content of the show.

‘Learn’-Launching the 2017 Edtech Conversation With Cautious Optimism


Big data, open spaces, employability, utilizing maker movements, balancing innovation and accountability, privacy, collaboration, closing the digital divide, personalized learning, and navigating the hostile political climate were just a few of the concerns the audience members brought up. Tom Vander Ark Keynote Personalization and Project-Based Learning Others themes that dominated the conference were personalized and project-based learning.