Ed tech companies promise results, but their claims are often based on shoddy research

The Hechinger Report

Examples from The Hechinger Report’s collection of misleading research claims touted by ed tech companies. All three of these companies try to hook prospective users with claims on their websites about their products’ effectiveness. Companies need to convince districts to participate.

Live Interview on Thursday, February 24th - Case Study on the North Carolina School Connectivity Initiative

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

By November 2009, only 6.5 Staker has experience as a strategy consultant for McKinsey & Company, a sales manager for Procter & Gamble, and as the co-founder and CFO of Karaeiga, LLC, now Yoostar Entertainment.

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Inside Maine’s disastrous roll out of proficiency-based learning

The Hechinger Report

In practice, though, it can take many different forms, including independent study, learning communities and online programs. Some were still studying geometry, others had advanced to Algebra II.

Can all students succeed at science and technology high schools?

The Hechinger Report

Students study the human body on skeletons, using clay to make organs. In a separate study , Lynch and a team of researchers, including Means, looked at eight model inclusive science high schools in seven states to see what they had in common and what they were doing that others weren’t.

Global Collaboration Week Begins - Find a Project and Connect!

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

Learning2gether is a participant-driven professional development series that has produced over 420 podcasts since its inception in 2009. If you have a mic and webcam you might be prepared to use them in case we have an opportunity to bring you into the conversation.

Education Technology and the 'New' For-Profit Higher Education

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Or when Trump said that the federal judge overseeing the Trump University lawsuit had an “absolute conflict” in handling the case because he is “of Mexican heritage.” According to an investigation by The Associated Press , “dozens of those hired by the company had checkered pasts – including serious financial problems and even convictions for cocaine trafficking or child molestation.”