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4 Tips for Facilitating Powerful Student Collaboration

Digital Promise

Building their skillset and their knowledge base makes them eager to solve authentic problems. ET for a webinar “ How to Create Powerful STEM Learning Experiences with Technology, ” where I will share more about student collaboration, the engineering design process, and project-based learning.

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What Does It Take to Put Inclusive Curriculum Legislation Into Practice?


Professional development is a key part of building awareness of this absence and a knowledge-base for the educators who will be teaching students directly. The working group also developed sample scope and sequences for both the elementary and secondary level. Let’s get them to recognize there is an absence.”

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Piaget Stages – The Development Of Intelligence and Reason

Fractus Learning

The children build their knowledge based on their experience. Secondary Circular Reactions. From 8 months to a year, children develop coordination of secondary schemas; the child begins to show intentional actions. The child is now in elementary or middle school, becomes more aware of other people and less of themselves.

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Education Needs to Push the Hard-Reset Button

EdNews Daily

This will ensure highest and best practices for an ever-evolving knowledge base. He has taught in the same school district his entire career with experience at both secondary and elementary levels. This system should be created with an OPEN SOURCE mentality so that it is perpetually being redesigned and refined.

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10 tips for teaching critical thinking + information literacy

The Cornerstone for Teachers

For kids, all the way, elementary school through high school, we’ve created basically a variety of games and activities that kids can play with this deck of cards, this suspect cards that we’ve created. One of the questions we’re asking is, “What is education? What is school for?”

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What to Know About Miguel Cardona, Biden’s Pick for Education Secretary


Background and Experience Prior to being appointed as Connecticut’s education commissioner in August 2019, Cardona spent two decades at Meriden Public Schools—the same school system he attended himself—first as an elementary school teacher, then for 10 years as principal and more recently in district leadership.

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