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?The Future of Online Learning Is Offline: What Strava Can Teach Digital Course Designers


Quickly I found that even as I logged runs on Strava daily, I struggled to find the time to log into platforms like Coursera, Udemy or Udacity to finish courses produced by my fellow instructional designers. They were incredibly hardworking people, but the ones creating the most significant social impact in the world were also often too busy to finish a MOOC. A few companies are heading that way. Education Technology MOOCs Postsecondary Learning

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Online Education: Will it Make Us Smarter? #SXSWedu


Small start ups and giant MOOCS. All of the panelists are from companies that connect teachers directly to students. Udemy - 80% male because focuses on tech space. Mobile devices will help integrate online learning into people''s busy lives. A: Udemy has a few professors who use their online courses as part of blended learning. If company receives a DMCA notice they remove the content. Q: How do you avoid mistakes in growing your company?

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Hack Education

Lots of reporting on various court filings in the Trump University case, particularly those about the company’s “ playbooks ” detailing how former employees sold its course packages, targeting vulnerable populations. Online Education (The Once and Future “MOOC”). “The Future of MOOCs Might Not Be Free ,” suggests Education Week’s Market Brief with an observation that many of us made back in 2012. The company has raised $10.35

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Hack Education Weekly News

Hack Education

monthly subsidies toward cellular phone service or mobile broadband. ” Via The New York Times : “DeVos Abandons Plan to Allow One Company to Service Federal Student Loans.” Buzzfeed’s Molly Hensley-Clancy looks at the acquisition of EDMC – the parent company of the Art Institutes chain – by The Dream Center Foundation , a network of Christian missionary centers. ” VR company AltSpaceVR is shutting down.

The Business of 'Ed-Tech Trends'

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Among the major trends Meeker identified for 2017: mobile advertising, gaming, and healthcare. There are, after all, only so many times you can put “mobile” on your list of “what’s on the horizon” before folks begin to suspect your insights might not be that… insightful. “Why are there 72 slides about gaming, from a company invested in EA, Zynga, Mobcrush, and Magic Leap?” Udemy (skills training) – $173 million.