Creating in Educreations


Educreations received a slight makeover, and it now has a few new features that allows teachers to push lessons out to student accounts, while also being able to see published student work for those enrolled in her/his classes. What is Educreations?

Setting Up Digital Workstations


As your students are engaged in station activities or projects, you can meet with individuals, small groups, or facilitate each group as needed. If you only have one iPad, you can use EduCreations to internally flip your classroom for a specific station/content area.

We Might Be at the End of the Free Ed Tech Era


Their success rate of companies is incredibly high as they helped start Class Dojo, Plickers, Remind, Padlet, Blendspace, Educreations, and a WHOLE host of others. but what many of them don’t consider is that the company will eventually need revenue to continue to exist.