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Skyward’s Communication Portal Connects Parents to the Learning Process


But, according to a Gallup poll , only 20% of parents are fully engaged in their child’s education while a staggering 23% are actively disengaged. Leaders at the company say using their communication portal is helping districts be more effective in the education experience.

Partnerships strengthen computer science movement

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Programs between the education, business communities help students become engaged in computer science courses from a younger age. Skyward has provided mentors to the district and brings industry perspective to the district. ” Business News Digital Learning and Tools News STEM

I Moved a Drone With My Mind. Soon Your Students Will Too.


Hovering here and there and lurching around a bit but most certainly skyward. The drone was part of a demonstration of the powerful technology that the neuroinfomatics company EMOTIV offered at a conference on the power of technology and education. The company is one of a number of organizations that have been working on ways for people to control everyday objects with their minds, including cars. I recently moved a drone with my mind.