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News Literacy Resources for Classrooms

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As a result, there's a lot of crossover between what we think of as news literacy, media literacy, and digital citizenship. Digital Citizenship Curriculum (by Common Sense Education): Free K-12 lessons on news and media literacy.

Social and Cultural Literacy Resources for Classrooms

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Each of us -- teachers and students alike -- enter classrooms from different perspectives and points of view. Websites, articles, feeds, and newsletters Facilitating Challenging Conversations in the Classroom (by the Teaching Center at Washington University in St.

The Journey to Google Certification Level 1


I set out to apply more Google Apps into my classroom lessons. As I added variety to my classroom practices, I gradually added more depth and breadth to my Googly knowledge. Docs, Slides, Draw & Classroom are just the tip of the Google iceberg! I also have a classroom full of kids hooked on pixel art which is done in sheets. After reading the book, The HyperDoc Handbook , I realized how powerful a tool shared folders could be.