Will a new batch of licenses help rural students get online?

The Hechinger Report

They settle in at the computers where Caine teaches coding and software, such as Illustrator and Photoshop, or they head to the back room for the 3-D printer, vinyl cutter and robotics kits. That’s why district leaders are eager to pilot an ambitious, statewide broadband initiative.

A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 28 & 29 Editions)

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" Tagged on: July 18, 2017 Let Robots Teach American Schoolkids | Bloomberg → This is not a work of satire. Many want technology firms to do more, but they are divided on how to balance free speech and safety issues online. Tagged on: July 9, 2017 As the Digital Divide Grows, an Untapped Solution Languishes: Educational Broadband Service (EBS) | Wired → Most EBS license holders don’t actually use their free spectrum. Summer.

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Not all towns are created equal, digitally

The Hechinger Report

And their cash-strapped school district has struggled to provide them with even the most basic digital tools. It’s about helping students with limited tech skills be prepared for a global economy that is becoming increasingly digitized. Nor is he the only one on a digital crusade.

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Via Education Week : “ FCC Delays, Denials Foil Rural Schools’ Broadband Plans.” Robots and Other Ed-Tech SF. ” Via NPR : “Teachers Report Stressed, Anxious Students In The ‘Age Of Trump’ ” “ Technology overuse may be the new digital divide ,” says The Hechinger Report’s Jill Barshay. “Higher Education, Digital Divides , and a Balkanized Internet” by Bryan Alexander.


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AIR works with local communities to address this detriment through an integrated development programs that provide low-cost refurbished computers with relevant open source educational software, support and teacher training directed at schools and community centers especially in less privileged areas where the digital divide is at its greatest. Yet participating in the digital world is essential for learning, career, and life.