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Importance of Assistive Technology


For many students with disabilities, assistive technology (AT) is critically important in removing barriers to mobility, communication, socialization, and learning. Download this white paper to learn more about: How assistive technology supports students in the 13 IDEA categories of disability.

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When Universal Design Promotes Inclusion of All Students


Christopher Bugaj Assistive Technology Specialist, Loudoun County Public Schools One way for educators to meet the needs of students is to integrate Universal Design for Learning (UDL) into their instructional practices. In short, UDL is a launching point for providing personalized learning experiences.

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AT and UDL: Acronyms for Equity


When I first began my job as an Assistive Technology Coordinator in my district back in 2008, the lines between educational tech and assistive tech were pretty crisp. Finally, I had the great opportunity to attend the UDL Summer Institute at Harvard University in 2015. Assistive Technology will always be around.

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Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Assistive Technology in Special Education


I usually point people in the direction of the collaborative SLP Apps List (top of my blog), but from now on I am also going to be recommending Joan Green''s The Ultimate Guide to Assistive Technology in Special Education as a great resource book for those starting out with iPads (or other technology) for clinical use.

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5 Steps For Addressing Equitable Learning Using Technology

Step 2: Develop and communicate a school systemwide policy for accessibility including guidelines for purchasing Equity policies are great, but they don’t often talk about the role of assistive technology. In addition, administrators shouldn’t wait to buy all of the assistive technology until they think there is a need.

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Two UVM online courses this Fall featuring pedagogy and technology

Learning With Lucie

Register by August 5 at [link] educational-technology-online- sequence/ EDCI 322 UDL and Differentiated Instruction with Technology (online) Explore how technologies can support learner-centered strategies that address the diverse needs of students.

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10 steps for making your online courses accessible for all students

eSchool News

According to a new report, incorporating Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in online courses not only benefits students with disabilities, but can have significant benefits for all students, ultimately increasing retention and improving learning outcomes. New report highlights 10-step plan to applying Universal Design for Learning online.

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