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Providers Rise to Meet the Challenge of K–12 Data Security

EdTech Magazine

Access and Participation: Users have the right to access their data and, if necessary, edit the information. Integrity and Security: All data must be properly secured through access controls, encryption and safe storage. . MORE FROM EDTECH: See how K–12 IT leaders can mitigate cybersecurity risk.

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Top Edtech Classroom Tools

At Common Sense Education, the edtech reviewers have seen it all. And to help teachers navigate the plethora of materials for the digital classroom, Tanner Higgin, Director of Education Editorial Strategy at Common Sense Education, presented “ 50 Top Edtech Tools for the Classroom.” Below are some of Higgin’s favorites. Free Favorites.

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Why Your School Should Stick to Core Principles Instead of Market Trends

EdNews Daily

A better question might be, what’s hot in EdTech this year ? In 2017, EdTech industry investments rose to a record-breaking $9.5 Just the first half of this year alone, the United States neared one billion in EdTech funding. We’ve touched on “what” and “why,” but “when” is just as crucial in EdTech adoption.

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?Overcoming Hacking and Cybercrimes — The Next Obstacle to Edtech


Access to the identities of staff and students is one of the main attractions for hackers. Moving to the cloud can be good for both vendors and schools It is in the interests of the edtech industry for educators to feel confident about using technology. Edtech cannot afford to let the specter of cybercrime dampen enthusiasm.

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4 Tips for Controlling Shadow IT

EdTech Magazine

A recent study by Symantec, the 2016 Shadow Data Report , found that most of the cloud-based shadow IT apps organizations rely upon lacked enterprise-class security features. Now the attacker has full access to the users’ data and devices, and can use that access to attack and compromise other district systems.

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Coding and Computer Science during CSEdWeek

The Digital Learning & Leadership PLC, hosted by Common Sense Education and sponsored by Symantec , hosted the webinar, “ Now I Have to Teach Coding? A Beginner’s Guide ” was hosted by and Common Sense Education and sponsored by Symantec. A Beginner’s Guide ,” on December 8th. WATCH THE WEBINAR RECORDING. “

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A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 12 Edition)

Doug Levin

While it may seem quaint or old fashioned to some (when accessing WiFi and on-demand videos seem de rigueur), it has been part of my travel routine for too many years to casually cast it aside. A Thinking Person’s Guide to EdTech News (2017 Week 12 Edition). Pretty much everything that is NOT covered by the edtech trade press.

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