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Sony Vows to Bring “Blockchain” Tech to Education. Will It Take Hold in K-12?

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Sony Global Education Inc. Blockchain is known today primarily for its use in the world of finance, most notably for Bitcoin , a digital payment system or type of “crypto-currency,” meant to be powered by users, rather than a central authority. Goodbye, Middleman?

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MyMantl’s verified digital badging provides a way for learners, as early as high school, to chronicle their skill development and demonstrate proven credentials. Sony ( ) is adding five new WUXGA resolution models to its family of laser light source projectors.

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'Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs'

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MIT will issue digital diplomas on the blockchain. Sony’s in the business. And Northeastern has teamed up with IBM to put digital badges on the blockchain. In other badging news, Salesforce received a patent for badges. Pearson filed a patent for badges.