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Millennials: The Straw That Will Stir Higher Education’s Next Disruption

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Famous billionaire college dropouts like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and the late Steve Jobs are prominent examples of successes who never completed undergraduate degrees. Their attention is also captured by an intense entertainment milieu of movies, TV, video games, comics, and the internet (with more students in the grip of internet addiction , even to mostly text-based sites such as Reddit). One example of this is the newest trend of “ digital badges.”

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” Via NPR : “ Texas High Schools To Require Police Interaction Education Video.” ” Via The Atlantic : “Why Many College Dropouts Are Returning to School in North Carolina.” Online Education (and the Once and Future “MOOC”). There’s more MOOC news down in the “labor and management” section below. Video streaming site Cheddar has acquired Rate My Professors.

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