The Biggest Give-Away Yet - Thank You Readers and my Personal Learning Network!


Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting many of my virtual friends face to face in San Diego at the International Society for Technology in Education Conference. Thank you to each of my dear friends below that donated one of your personal products! Day 5- What did I learn?

Screencasting: A Differentiator and Time Saver!

Hansen's Link to Tech

Over several years instructional technology continues to grow and change. Screencastify Mac (Mojave) Computer iPad/iPod Wevideo Camtasia. Strengthen the value of a learning management system by adding audio/video instruction for all students who are in and not in attendance. Support a blended / flipped learning model of teaching and learning aiding in best used instructional time with the teacher. Develop a library of personalized and quality instruction to use.

Learning to Learn – From Sabba Quidwai


Tom Daccord and Justin Reich, founders of EdTechTeacher say it best, “Technology should be used in the service of learning.” She saw the ubiquity of technology use for her students and recognized that they learn differently today.