TechSmith Launches Camtasia 2019: A Complete Video Recording And Editing Solution For Content Creators


In this post, we take a look at Camtasia, a professional screencasting and video editing application from TechSmith. If you have any questions about Camtasia or are interested in learning how to use Camtasia to record and edit your Educational Podcast , please leave us a question in the comments below or Tweet to us @PodcastingToday. The new version comes complete with everything that you might need to create and edit classroom videos as well as online tutorials.

My Flipped Classroom Resources and Tips, from Beginner to Advanced #flipclass #edchat #edtech


I’ve gotten a lot of requests recently for resources on my flipped classroom, best practices, tips & tricks, and advice for getting started. Here is a presentation summarizing my process and evolution through my flipped classroom journey. A paper I wrote on my AP Calculus flipped classroom was recently published – The Flipped Classroom: Touch Enabled, Academically Proven. 2012 – began flipping Honors Algebra 2.

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How I Create Video Lessons for My #OnlineClasses & #FlipClass Using @Wacom & @NotabilityApp #RemoteLearning #RemoteTeaching #edtech


Table of Contents: 0:00 My setup with Notability, my Mac + Wacom, Camtasia. 4:00 How I create my YouTube/flipped classroom videos by pulling my PowerPoint into Notability (with drag & drop). 4:30 How I set up my screenrecording to only capture the area of the screen I’m writing on (using Camtasia). 6:45 Using a blank page to “whiteboard” during a Zoom/Google Meet session or in the classroom.

Let’s Play Matchmaker: Connecting Edtechs & Educators @JuneLabs #edchat #edtechchat


As educators, we all know it’s never simply about finding the perfect tech tool; however, finding and customizing the right tech tool can transform a classroom. How did the flipped classroom begin for me? I stumbled across Camtasia Studio and bam, I knew I was looking at an answer. Lucky for me, an awesome team of education-focused individuals work at TechSmith (makers of Camtasia).

Favorite #EdTech Tools of 2015 @zaption @peardeck @techsmithedu @desmos @socraticorg @wacom #flipclass #edchat


Here are a few of my #EdTech tools of 2015: Camtasia – used to screen record & video edit my flipped classroom videos. ZAPTION enables me to truly personalize my flipped classroom by embedding formative assessment directly into video lessons. I have been using CAMTASIA since 2010 to create and edit my screencasts. In this post, I explain some of the reasons why I choose to use Camtasia.

Screencasting: Pick the Right Tool for the Job

Baker's B.Y.O.D.

Screencasting is an integral part of my flipped classroom as I can record videos for a variety of purposes that include (but certainly not limited to) i nforming parents and students about class expectations , providing answer key videos , documenting directions and the steps of a project , and informing support staff of technical glitches. I can create any video I need with Screencastify, Screencastomatic, and Camtasia.