As Campuses Move to Embrace OER, College Libraries Become Key Players


But who makes the pitch for free or low-cost alternatives to textbooks known as OER, or open educational resources? One project she led this year involved creating a series of videos promoting “Textbook Heroes,”professors who have replaced commercial textbooks in their courses with OER. She also tracks how well OER is working in the courses that use them, and tallies up how much money the efforts are saving students.

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Down with OTT? 3 ways this technology is a new must for education

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There’s a new catch phrase in town, and it has massive implications for blended and online learning, especially as OER use begins to ramp up in schools and institutions across the country., a product of LinkedIn for learning professional skills, is an example of an educational OTT tech platform—both for educator PD and student online learning.


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On building learning playlists


Some of my colleagues use to gather playlists from specific elements selected across the hundreds of offered courses. OER and you: The curation mandate. OER: Issues, Possibilities and the Promise of Curation (with Brenda Boyer). We create them on Spotify and YouTube and iTunes. Before music went digital, some of us made CD or cassette mixtapes and shared them as gifts.

Production Value in Online Higher Education

University brass was not typically aware of these OER practices, despite its potential significance. Or Meets People Magazine Masterclass is a VC-backed start-up in (surprise) San Francisco that offers short online courses on popular topics like acting, photography, and creative writing.


Education Technology and the Power of Platforms

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“Some colleges cancel their contracts with online education provider after double-digit price hikes, saying the company is pricing itself out of the higher education market,” Inside Higher Ed reported in January. ” (Amazon Inspire is the company’s OER platform.)

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The NAACP endorses OER. ” (It’ll run on LinkedIn Learning , formerly , which means it’ll cost you $24.99 Education Politics. Via The New York Times : “ Trump Orders Review of Education Policies to Strengthen Local Control.” ” “ What does Trump’s executive order on education do? Not much,” says The LA Times’ Joy Resmovits.