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And the top e-learning trends for 2016 are.


First, mobile learning. Sure, there were lots of devices released in 2014 and the years before, but 2015 was the mobile age. And learning platforms are starting to get mobile developers to publish mobile apps and have them updated on a regular basis. Second, the introduction of gamification.

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10 Experts’ Predictions for Education and Technology in 2016


One of the biggest EdTech trends in 2016 and for the years to follow will be gamification. Gamification will provide the necessary motivation, engage learners, and bring back the fun element in the learning process. Mobile learning. It is therefore important that eLearning content is mobile supported.


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50 Alternatives To Lecturing

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In the background knowledge-building phase of learning, for example. Or in a “flipped classroom” setting where the “lecture” is designed to be consumed at the student’s own pace (using viewing strategies , for example). School-to-school instruction (using Skype in the classroom , for example).

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8 Trends in Education Technology That Will Have A Major Impact

Kitaboo on EdTech

From self-learning to flipped classroom approach, we have seen technology make a considerable impact on the learning and teaching methodologies. With numerous benefits to offer, digital learning has become an important part of the education system. Social Media in Learning. Gamification in Education.

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A Dictionary For 21st Century Teachers: Learning Models & Technology

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.” It is generally accepted that there are four models of blended learning: Rotation, Flex, A La Carte, and Enriched Virtual. The Christensen Institute clarifies that “the Rotation model includes four sub-models: Station Rotation, Lab Rotation, Flipped Classroom, and Individual Rotation.” Flipped Classroom.

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The 2013 Reform Symposium This Week - Online, Free, and with Amazing Speakers and Presenters

The Learning Revolution Has Begun

. - Fabiana Laura Casella Mystery Location Calls via Skype or Google Hangout - Paula Naugle The Power of Project-Based Learning - Shelley Wright This I Believe Narratives (with Technology component) - Maggie Maslowski 5:00pm KEYNOTE: Mallory Fundora of Project Yesu, Angela Maiers, Mark Moran 6:00pm Be A Newscaster - Tara Benwell Extraordinary Learning (..)