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Yes, school resources are limited—but don’t ignore what students can offer

The Christensen Institute

Trauma, anxiety, and potential learning loss are all top of mind for educators and parents supporting young people. Of course, schools must invest resources in students, but what if students themselves could contribute in ways that both benefit their own learning and support the school’s core purpose? When resources like staff capacity and funding run short—making high-quality student-centered learning seem like a longshot—this is an idea worth exploring.

Essential Elements for Moving to a 1:1 Environment

During an edWebinar for the Empowered Superintendent series, “Leadership for Mobile Learning: Creating a Shared Vision,” the presenters said school leaders, though, often miss key parts of the planning process and end up with useless “hunks of plastic.” However, the more successful schools focus on improving teaching and learning first with edtech being just one of the tools to support it. Step 1: Make a plan.