Sat.Dec 02, 2023

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The Role of Assistive Technology in Promoting Inclusive Education

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here’s the complete overview on the role of assistive tech in encouraging inclusivity in education: What does that mead? What are the benefits? What are the drawbacks? What types are available? How do you create one in your class or school? The Role of Assistive Technology in Promoting Inclusive Education Persons with disabilities may struggle with coordination problems, short attention spans, and limited mobility, which may or may not be obvious.

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50+ Hilarious Christmas Jokes for Kids

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Besides the twinkling lights, the gifts, and the delicious food , the holiday season is also about the laughter and joy we share, especially with the little ones. That’s why I’ve put together a collection of Christmas jokes that are perfect for kids. These jokes are sure to tickle their funny bones and bring an extra dose of cheer to your holiday gatherings.

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Let’s Try Out DALL-E

Hansen's Link to Tech

Learn to craft effective prompts in Chat GPT and use DALL-E to convert these prompts into unique AI-generated images. This skill combines the art of precise prompt writing with the power of AI to create visually striking and imaginative artwork.